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May 4, 2020 — HPE Shadowbase Compare — Unrivaled Capabilities

SB CompareYou may say: Trust, but verify!  We say: Replicate, but compare!

HPE Shadowbase Compare is designed to provide you with accurate information describing the consistency between two copies of your HPE NonStop data, regardless of the block or file/table structure, partitioning, index or alternate key layouts, etc. The data being compared does not require the files/tables to match in structure, which allows the data to be different and provides advanced availability when performing zero downtime migrations.

Shadowbase Compare supports verifying your Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX datasets, and is most commonly used in business continuity architectures to provide assurance that the data is consistent. HPE Shadowbase Repair is a feature that assists with correcting or repairing SQL/MP or SQL/MX database discrepancies between two tables. It works on any two database tables, provided they are both of the same type (MP or MX), and does not require the Shadowbase replication engine.

Talk with us or your HPE account representative to learn how easy it is to audit your NonStop data and prove your data’s consistency.

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