Business Continuity Solutions

Today, businesses with access to real-time online transactional data have a competitive advantage. To gain the most potential from this data it must be current and available at any given time. The counter to this advantage is that the inability to access or update current data carries a significant business cost, possibly measured in many thousands of dollars per second. These requirements necessitate an IT infrastructure that is continuously available.

Business continuity (also referred to as business reliance or business continuance) encompasses those activities that an enterprise performs to maintain consistency and recoverability of its data, operations, and services. Application availability depends upon the ability of IT services to survive any fault, whether it is a server failure, a network fault, or a data center disaster. Data availability depends on the existence of up-to-date backup data copies. Data replication is an enabling technology for achieving high or continuous availability for application services and the timely backup of important data.

HPE Shadowbase solutions offer a range of data replication capabilities to meet every application availability and data recoverability need. The overall return on investment in deploying a Shadowbase business continuity solution is positive, by preventing prolonged periods of downtime or data loss which can cost the business thousands or even millions of dollars.

HPE Shadowbase data replication solutions support low-latency, uni-directional, and bi-directional data replication between homogeneous and heterogeneous systems and databases with scalability, selectivity, and sophisticated data transformation and mapping facilities. Shadowbase data replication software provides a business continuity solution to meet any business requirement:

Whatever your business continuity need, there is a Shadowbase data replication solution to meet it.

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