Data Integration

Stock photo of doctor holding pills in one hand while typing on a laptop with the other

Real-Time Data Replication for Prescription Drug Fraud Prevention at a Large Government Healthcare Agency

The Connection, by Paul J. Holenstein
Prescription drug claims fraud is big business, costing billions of dollars. To help a country’s government healthcare agency stem the losses, a centralized claims fraud adjudication and prevention decision support...

Using Data Replication to Offload Online Host Processing and Enable New Business Applications

Connect Converge, by Paul J. Holenstein and Keith B. Evans
Data is valuable. And the more current the data is, the more valuable it is. For this reason, the resident data in online transaction processing systems is some of the most valuable. However, if this data is...


Winning the Battle Against Internet Banking Fraud by Leveraging Real-Time Data Integration

The Connection, by Keith B. Evans
A European bank needed to design and implement its internet banking application in a very specific way: to detect and prevent fraud, yet still enable the authorities to pursue a conviction against the actual actions...