Customer Industries

HPE Shadowbase software solutions provide real-time data replication across a wide variety of industries because of its unique, flexible, and configurable architectures, customizable to each user’s requirements.

Financial Services

  • Banks manage account transactions, such as deposits, withdrawals, savings, and loans, and must be able to offer 24×7 services, requiring continuously available applications for online access to services.
  • Shadowbase Business Continuity provides the banking industry a proven and disaster recovery plan for the highest levels of availability.

Energy and Utility Services

  • Gas, nuclear, solar, and other forms of energy fuel today’s world. Production and delivery of these resources must operate continuously, 365 days a year, as must the IT systems which manage them.
  • Shadowbase Business Continuity helps power the energy industry by providing redundant systems to ensure a real-time, continuously available application.

Healthcare Services

  • Healthcare data is increasingly becoming more digital. Losing patient allergen or dosage data could result in death. Fraudulent prescriptions are on the rise, which is evident by the opioid crisis.
  • Shadowbase Zero Data Loss synchronous replication ensures continuous availability and that critical applications stay online.

Manufacturing Services

  • Every second a manufacturing line is stopped means lost revenue. Production must continue 24×7, while regulators ensure that products meet required specifications.
  • Shadowbase Data and Application Integration consolidates data form various sources, and enables new applications to easily connect to existing operations.

Payment Application Solutions

  • With the rise of e-commerce, payments became global and 24×7. Providers must meet increasing regulatory requirements while battling fraud.
  • Shadowbase Business Continuity and Shadowbase Data and Application Integration provide a continuously available point of sale fraud detection architecture.

Retail Services

  • Retail companies must manage operations behind-the-scenes, including inventory, gift registry, sales promotions, point-of-sale, strategic analysis and tactical activities, and more. Customers demand convenient 24×7 online shopping experiences.
  • Shadowbase Data and Application Integration consolidates strategic and tactical data across platforms.

Telecommunication Services

  • Significant revenue streams are driven by a variety of wireless services. If cellular devices stopped working, emergencies would occur and be unreported, traffic jams would ensue as drivers could not use navigation apps, and many other types of communication problems would occur.
  • Shadowbase Business Continuity provides extreme levels of availability, keeping critical cellular applications online even during a disaster.

Trading and Brokerage Services

  • Trading and brokerage services handle massive trade volumes and compete to provide the fastest trades. These providers require application availability and data consistency to ensure that the application continues processing and that billions of revenues are not lost during a transaction.
  • Shadowbase Business Continuity provides extreme availability and Shadowbase Zero Data Loss synchronous replication ensures no data is lost.

Transportation and Other Services

  • Route management systems must be completely accurate and continuously available. A single error or a second offline at the wrong time could result in a devastating crash.
  • Shadowbase Business Continuity provides for service availability, data persistence, data consistency, and optimization.