HPE Shadowbase Streams for Data and Application Integration

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Powerful and Flexible Facilities to Integrate Existing Applications and Databases

Use HPE Shadowbase Streams to:

*Note: There are several different integration combinations. Basically, database integration is more common than application integration, but by purchasing HPE Shadowbase Streams, a user can perform both.

Solution Brief:
adobe-iconHPE Shadowbase Streams — Integrate Data and Applications to Create New Solutions

  1. Shadowbase Data and Application Integration from Shadowbase Software on Vimeo.
  2. YouTube link (same video): Shadowbase Data and Application Integration from Shadowbase Software on YouTube.

Stock photo of server room with lights and temperature-controlled serversApplications

Integrate existing applications and services in real-time

“Use real data [and] real applications to find real problems early.”

– Credit Union Application Developer

Use Shadowbase Streams for applications that:

White Paper:
adobe-iconHPE Shadowbase Streams for Application Integration

Streamline events across applications, creating a data pipeline from a data pump

While a source application generates changes and events, Shadowbase Streams immediately distributes them across an enterprise. This powerful architecture allows an application to simply utilize the events that are delivered by Shadowbase Streams.

Rapidly create new value-add business functionality and services that were not possible before integration without modifying existing application code

HPE Shadowbase Streams modernizes legacy applications and databases by enabling the creation of new and valuable business services to enhance competitiveness, reduce costs or increase revenue, and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Many benefits


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Integrate existing database environments in real-time

Use Shadowbase Streams for databases to:

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adobe-iconHPE Shadowbase Streams for Data Integration

Change data capture

With data integration, Shadowbase Streams uses change data capture (CDC) technology to capture change data and create a real-time copy of selected data from a source system’s database to a target system’s database.