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HPE Shadowbase Utilities include additional tools for various uses such as to managing, monitoring, and, correcting data. HPE Shadowbase Utilities are grouped as follows:

HPE Shadowbase Essential Software Package

This package is sold separately from the main CDC Replication engine.

HPE Shadowbase Audit Compliance Utilities

Stock photo of complianceHPE Shadowbase Audit Log (SAL) — Search and review what and when data was changed

Shadowbase Audit Log is available for the HPE NonStop Server platform as a source, and creates a searchable archival database of transactional activity (e.g., inserts, updates, and deletes) on a reporting database for application change data auditing purposes.

HPE Shadowbase Audit Reader (SAR) — Show what and when application transactions occurred

Shadowbase Audit Reader analyzes and displays all TMF-audited database activities on HPE NonStop server systems. It shows what application transactions did, and when they did it, to database files and tables, enabling investigation of how and when data (and the database) is being changed.

HPE Shadowbase Data Definition Language (SBDDLUTL)

Convert and map Enscribe data structures into SQL equivalents

The HPE Shadowbase Data Definition Language Utility (SBDDLUTL) provides a powerful interface to convert and map the Enscribe DDL data structures (records, fields) into their SQL equivalents (tables, columns). SBDDLUTL supports a variety of target SQL databases, including NonStop SQL/MP, NonStop SQL/MX, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2®, Oracle MySQL, SAP HANA, and SAP Sybase.

HPE Shadowbase Data Recovery Utilities

Shadowbase undo and redo logo with blue and gold arrowsHPE Shadowbase UNDO — Selectively undo, or rollback, changes made to a database

Shadowbase UNDO restores a corrupted database by undoing corrupting database changes while retaining correct database changes, thus leaving the database in a known, consistent, and current state. Shadowbase UNDO allows the database to stay online for application processing while the rollback of the corrupted data occurs.

HPE Shadowbase REDO — Roll database changes forward to a current and correct state

Shadowbase REDO maintains a Redo Queue of all changes that were made to a database. If the database subsequently becomes corrupted, Shadowbase REDO can be used to roll forward these changes against a restored copy of the database by deleting corrupting changes from the Redo Queue and applying only the valid database changes to roll forward to a current and correct state.

HPE Shadowbase DDL Command Replication (DCR)

DDL command replicationAutomatically replicate and apply DDL commands to keep your source and target environment schema consistent

Maintains source and target database schemas. Automatically replicates and applies SQLCI (DDL) source commands to the target. Adjusts source command to match target environment details (e.g., file / table name mapping). Commands integrate with HPE Shadowbase (DML) real-time replication. Particularly helpful to customers migrating from RDF / SDR to HPE Shadowbase.

HPE Shadowbase Online and Offline Database Loading

Stock photo of small toolbox with handyman tools on a laptopHPE Shadowbase Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) — Extract database changes or initial load data into flat files

The Shadowbase Extract, Transform, and Load Toolkit is used to extract database changes or initial load data into flat files for subsequent ETL loading into a data warehouse using comma-separated value (CSV), fixed-position, and tab-delimited formats. For certain applications, an existing vendor’s ETL loading utility can then be used to load the Shadowbase ETL flat file(s) into a data warehouse.

Other Utilities

Enabling Technology: HPE Shadowbase File Chaser, HPE Shadowbase SOLV Snapshot Loading, HPE NonStop AutoTMF, HPE NonStop AutoSYNC

Abstract Circuit BoardEnable the use of HPE Shadowbase data replication

Shadowbase File Chaser reads non-audited application-created-and-maintained log files/tables and injects those events into the Shadowbase replication stream to be applied into the target environment.

Shadowbase SOLV Snapshot Loading is a technique for reading and replicating HPE NonStop TMF-audited or non-audited source Enscribe files and SQL tables to a target environment.

HPE NonStop AutoTMF, a separate HPE product, enables Shadowbase replication of non-audited HPE NonStop Enscribe file changes. It is required if Shadowbase software needs to replicate the individual Enscribe file changes from the source to the target environment.

HPE NonStop AutoSYNC, a separate HPE product, enables replication of non-database objects (e.g., program object code, TACL scripts, edit files, etc.) from a NonStop source to a NonStop target environment. Shadowbase software does not replicate these object types.

Note: Using SOLVUTIL’s Comparison feature requires an HPE Shadowbase Compare license.

HPE Shadowbase Enterprise Manager (SEM)

Stock photo of green traffic lightGraphically manage HPE Shadowbase environments

Shadowbase Enterprise Manager is a Windows-based GUI command and monitoring interface that controls and monitors Shadowbase replication on the platforms that Shadowbase software supports.

HPE Shadowbase Online Database Loading

Stock photo of two fingers on a puzzle piece being placed into a slotHPE Shadowbase Online Loading (SOLV) — Online loading for high-volume initial loads and refresh loading

Shadowbase Online Loading provides online loading of a source database into a target database, meaning that the source and/or target databases can be open for reading and updating while the load (or copy) occurs. It can perform the load while regular replication is also taking place, consuming the source database changes and merging them with the data being loaded, to keep the target fully synchronized with the source.

HPE Shadowbase Queue Manager (QMGR)

Stock photo of long queue of impatient people waitingSeparate the extraction of the data changes to be replicated from the delivery and the application of the data changes into the target environment

The Shadowbase Queue Manager allows HPE NonStop data to queue to disk while it is being replicated in order to separate the data’s extraction and delivery from the replaying of that data into the target environment.