Winter 2024

Paul J. Holenstein

Winter 2024: Executive Vice President’s Letter

We are pleased to announce our latest releases, available now with a whole host of new functionality: HPE NonStop Shadowbase Version 6.801 for both J and L-series systems and HPE Shadowbase Version 6.800...

Keith B. Evans

Winter 2024: Focus on Shadowbase Product Management

Enterprises around the globe are racing to protect themselves, because Malware and Ransomware have become massive and potentially existential threats. A comprehensive defense requires multiple layers of protection, including ...

Chris J. Capitolo

Winter 2024: Shadowbase Delivery News

HPE NonStop Shadowbase Version 6.801 includes a new method for replicating an exact copy of a SQL/MP key-sequenced table that contains a SYSKEY. In order to understand the impact of the new method, it first may help to...

Jonathan M. Ziegler

Winter 2024: Shadowbase Development News

The latest Shadowbase Release Highlights: HPE NonStop Shadowbase Version 6.801 for both J and L-series systems, and HPE Shadowbase Version 6.800 for Other Servers for Windows/SQL Server....

Peter Schvarcz

Winter 2024: Shadowbase ITL (Integration Team Lead) & Deployment News

We are very busy migrating customers to new hardware and operating systems, while our Development and QA organizations are busy with the new major version of our NSB (NonStop Shadowbase), version 6.801....

Paden R. Holenstein

Winter 2024: Shadowbase Marketing & Business Development Updates — Upcoming Shows and New Articles

See You Soon at OZTUG, eGTUG, SunTUG and ATUG! It's always a pleasure to interact face-to-face at these TUG meetings. We always appreciate your questions and comments regarding our material and what is happening in your corner of the world....