Fall 2023

Paul J. Holenstein

Fall 2023: Executive Vice President’s Letter

It seems like 2023 was the year of "revenge travel" for the HPE NonStop industry. Customers, HPE, and Vendors alike planned and hosted a slew of events including eBITUG, OZTUG, MexTUG, CTUG, ThaiTUG, TNUG, KNUG, N2TUG,...

Keith B. Evans

Fall 2023: Focus on Shadowbase Product Management

Enterprises around the globe are racing to protect themselves, because Malware and Ransomware have become massive and potentially existential threats. A comprehensive defense requires multiple layers of protection, including ...

Chris J. Capitolo

Fall 2023: Shadowbase Delivery News

HPE NonStop Shadowbase Version 6.800 includes a new method for replicating an exact copy of a SQL/MP key-sequenced table that contains a SYSKEY. In order to understand the impact of the new method, it first may help to...

Peter Schvarcz

Fall 2023: Shadowbase ITL & Deployment News

Busy, busy even more busy, seems this has become the new normal here at Gravic. It is true for our development and QA organizations that just released a new major version of our NSB Shadowbase, version NSB6.800....

Paden R. Holenstein

Fall 2023: Shadowbase Marketing & Business Development Updates — Numerous Shows, New Articles, and Hall of Fame Award Winners

Ken Scudder, Paden Holenstein, Paul Holenstein, and Peter Schvarcz enjoyed eBITUG 2023 in Edinburgh in early May. We are grateful for all the hard work that the eBITUG team put into the pan-European event, which was...