Fall 2023: Shadowbase Marketing & Business Development Updates — Numerous Shows, New Articles, and Hall of Fame Award Winners

Paden R. Holenstein

Paden R. Holenstein
Business Development Specialist & Marketing Coordinator

Great Seeing You at eBITUG!

ebitug logo

Ken Scudder, Paden Holenstein, Paul Holenstein, and Peter Schvarcz enjoyed eBITUG 2023 in Edinburgh in early May. We are grateful for all the hard work that the eBITUG team put into the pan-European event, which was well attended by customers, key HPE personnel, and the ISV partners.

The social activities held Monday before the show provided a great opportunity for attendees to meet and network.

We enjoyed experiencing Edinburgh’s rich history and culture, catching up with old friends, hearing the latest and greatest HPE NonStop news and industry trends, and sharing recent Gravic developments with our customers, partners, and resellers.

Our Presentations

Hewlett Packard Enterprise logoNew Solution Brief Translation: Lea el Resumen de HPE Haga que su Empresa no Sufra Interrupciones

Aprenda cómo lograr la disponibilidad continua de los servicios y la validación e integración de datos en una única solución: Haga que su Empresa no sufra interrupciones.

Learn how to achieve Continuous availability of services along with validating and integrating data into a single solution: Make Your Business ‘Nonstop.’

OZTUG Presentation

Jonathan Sechrist presenting in Auckland

Jonathan OZTUG

Jonathan Sechrist with Nelson Wong (HPE), Shanice Abigail (HPE), and Vedant Shrivastava (Idelji)

OZTUG (Auckland, Sydney, & Melbourne)

Gravic joined the three-cities-in-four-days OzTUG tour event in Auckland, New Zealand, and Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. It was a whirlwind week full of customer and partner engagement, collaboration with the region’s HPE teams, solution presentations, customer meetings, and of course, hospitality. We enjoyed connecting with the local HPE team and customers during the week. Gravic looks forward to frequent engagement with the New Zealand and Australian customers and HPE teams!

MexTUG SB Presentation

Alfredo Gonzalez of Gravic, presenting on Shadowbase software solutions

Angel de la Independencia statue.

MexTUG 2023 in Mexico City

The Mexican NonStop community had the opportunity to gather once more for the MexTUG 2023 event, which took place in the beautiful Versailles Ballroom, at the Sofitel Hotel in Mexico City. The venue, located on the 40th floor, provided breathtaking views of the city including a birds-eye view of the iconic “Angel de la Independencia” monument in Reforma. It was an exciting day that promoted engagement and collaboration between customers and partners.

If you ask Ken Scudder (Vice President of Global Business Development), he will tell you that he was absolutely blown away by MexTUG in June this year—you can read why in his article in the July issue of The Connection magazine, “MexTUG 2023: “Mucho Gusto” Mexico City!”

We would like to extend our gratitude to Edgar Veloz from Banorte and Gabriel Alvarez from XYPRO for putting together a world-class event, and to thank Connect for helping organize this successful event.

Since this was the first post-COVID event, the consensus was that it was long overdue, and everyone is looking forward to seeing what next year’s MexTUG event will bring.

CTUG 2023 in Toronto

Paul Presenting at CTUG

Paul Holenstein, EVP, presenting on Digital Resilience

Paden presenting SB solutions

Paden Holenstein, BusDev, presenting on Shadowbase solutions

CTUG 2023 was a resounding success! The show was held at the HPE office in Toronto near the airport, which provided easy access for the local customers and vendors.

David Jones, HPE Master Engineer, delivered the Keynote. He did an excellent job, including well-timed jokes and good commentary, clearly explaining key HPE initiatives in the NonStop ecosystem.

During the Education Day, Keith Moore, HPE Master Architect, presented on Ransomware and Malware, Tokenization, and Middleware. During the Vendor Day, we also presented on the evolving Gravic Validation Architecture for identifying and preventing malware attacks and their associated effects.

AP Roadshow Taiwan

HPE NonStop and MCS Technology Day in Taipei, Taiwan

HPE NonStop Asia Pacific Roadshow (Thailand, Taiwan, and South Korea)

Recently, there have been a lot of HPE NonStop User Group meetings (“TUGs”) in the United States and around the world. While we wish we could be in multiple places at the same time, we were unable to attend the HPE NonStop Asia Pacific Roadshow in person this summer. However, Anthony Ho, Master Technologist and Peter Ow, Solution Architect at HPE, attended and presented on HPE Shadowbase solutions.

Bangkok, Thailand

Payment solutions were the theme at the Bangkok event, with ACI and many others in attendance. Peter presented ZERO DOWNTIME MIGRATION with HPE Shadowbase, which included a use case involving a California credit union.

Taipei, Taiwan

HPE NonStop and Superdome x86 were the main themes at the HPE NonStop and MCS Technology Day in Taipei. Anthony highlighted how HPE Shadowbase software provides the three pillars of Data Replication, Streaming, and Validation on virtualized NonStop Servers and HPE GreenLake.

Seoul, South Korea

The HPE NonStop platform took center stage at the HPE NonStop Tech Summit in Seoul, South Korea. Anthony highlighted the three pillars and also briefly introduced a few new Digital Resilience architectures for Ransomware defense using HPE Shadowbase software.

We thank Shanice Abigail and others who helped organize these events, Anthony Ho and Peter Ow for presenting on HPE Shadowbase solutions, and, of course, the customers for attending the HPE NonStop Asia Pacific Roadshow, the first regional meeting since COVID!

HPE NonStop Asia Pacific Team Chosen for HPE Shadowbase Hall of Fame Award

HPE NonStop Asia Pacific Team Wins HPE Shadowbase Hall of Fame Award 2023We Proudly Announced that the HPE NonStop Asia Pacific Team is the 2023 Recipient of the HPE Shadowbase Hall of Fame Award!

Suresh Menon receiving Hall of Fame Award

Suresh Menon receiving Hall of Fame Award

We recognized the HPE NonStop Asia Pacific Team for its rapid return to in-person, country-specific, bootcamp, roadshow, and User Group events in 2023.

Over the first six months of the year, they arranged and executed events in eight cities across the AP region, which generated new business. Members of the team that supported these events included: Suresh Menon, Shanice Abigail, Nelson Wong, Anthony Ho, Peter Ow, Jason Shen, Rod Cortez, John Eves, and Lili Linggar.

Congratulations to all!

N2TUG Presentation

N2TUG 2023

N2TUG in Dallas

After a four-year hiatus, N2TUG turned out to be a content-heavy, yet interactive show, held at the Hilton Garden Inn Dallas Hurst Center. Karen Ramirez, Director of HPE NonStop Sales in North America, provided NonStop 2023 Highlights, discussing recent business developments and additional staff added to the HPE NonStop team.

Roland Lemoine, HPE NonStop Product Manager, presented HPE NonStop Futures including the current Roadmap and key HPE goals and objectives. We were ecstatic when Roland discussed SQL/MX and HPE Shadowbase, including how it produces real-time, identical data copies to mainstream databases, and how it is being used to produce data analytics. Additionally, Roland presented a short update on new HPE Shadowbase features in Recent Releases.

Ken Scudder, VP of Global Business Development at Gravic, presented HPE Shadowbase Solutions, and then Paden Holenstein described HPE Shadowbase architectures that can be used to recover from a Malware or Ransomware attack, including an air-gapped solution and an online one.

Gravic at HPE Discover 2023

Gravic at HPE Discover 2023

HPE Discover 2023 in Las Vegas

Ken & Paul Presenting

Ken Scudder and Paul Holenstein presenting at HPE Discover 2023

HPE Discover 2023 provided a good opportunity to network with peers, and experience anything and everything going on in HPE. The show was held at the Venetian in Las Vegas.

Paul Holenstein and Ken Scudder of Gravic presented at the Connect Tech Forum: Advanced Data Resiliency and Data Integrity Architectures for Mission-critical Servers.

They discussed several architectures, including the Validation Architecture for meeting Digital Resilience requirements and validating data across the enterprise.


The NonStop TBC 2023 was a great success!  Held at the Hilton Denver City on September 12-14, it was an intimate yet energetic affair. We greatly enjoyed meeting with you all. See you next year at TBC 2024 in Monterey Bay!

Ken Scudder, VP Global Bus Dev, presenting on Shadowbase Ransomware

Ken Scudder, VP Global Bus Dev, presenting on Shadowbase Ransomware

Gravic Sessions of Interest:

  • VT4 – HPE Shadowbase: Maximize NonStop Digital Resilience with Data Replication, Integration, and Validation
  • CFP1 – Customer Talk! Major UK Bank Migrates its BASE24™ Application to Active/Active for Continuous Availability
  • TB67 – New HPE NonStop Business Continuity & Data Integration Features and Roadmap
  • VT5 – Ransomware Protection and Data Recovery
  • HPE BOOTH DEMO – Survive a Ransomware Attack! (featuring HPE Shadowbase)

If you missed a talk, would like more information on anything you learned, or to understand the latest HPE Shadowbase developments and news, then please contact us.

VNUG (Viking NonStop User Group)

VNUG was an informative and enjoyable experience for attendees!

Digital resilience framework

Education Day Held at the HPE office in Solna, Sweden

Paul Denzinger (HPE Master Architect) presented on various topics including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI and ML), ChatGPT, Database Vectors, and What’s New in SQL/MX.

Vendor Days Held at the Rånäs Slott Castle in Sweden

Attendees enjoyed quality content with Malware and Ransomware being a common theme. Sessions included:

  • Neil Davis (HPE Regional Manager) and Mark Pollans (HPE Product Manager) presented the HPE NonStop Business Direction
  • Paden Holenstein (Gravic) presented HPE Shadowbase – Digital Resilience, Data Integration, and Data Validation for HPE NonStop Systems
  • Graham Rogers (HPE Solution Architect) presented on HPE Digital Resilience and Ken Scudder (Gravic Vice President of Global Business Development) presented the HPE Shadowbase Ransomware Recovery Demo

Special thanks to the VNUG board for organizing and hosting this exciting event until next time!

Gravic Publishes Article on “Stepping Stones for a Successful Migration”

Each “Stepping Stone” (Step) of a Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) requires acceptance before moving onto the next step.

We created this infographic to illustrate how to safely cross the “migration river” by eliminating the risks associated with migrations and following procedures that include best practices.

Best practices include:

  • keeping the application online at all times,
  • carefully planning and testing the migration before implementation,
  • and sequentially completing each step.

Following these best practices should produce a successful, risk-free Shadowbase ZDM.

New Article on “Ransomware Protection and Data Recovery”

Malware and Ransomware Threats are Rapidly Growing Worldwide

With this increase in attacks, reliability and data integrity are now at the forefront of business concerns and a primary challenge for businesses to solve. In this article, we review Ransomware detection and recovery architectures, including immutable backups and air-gapped systems. We also review the HPE Shadowbase Ransomware demonstration architecture that assists businesses with thwarting this expanding set of unique challenges and how the solution is evolving.

In case you missed our presentation at the TBC, then this is a good opportunity for you to learn how to create a Ransomware Recovery Solution (RRS) system.

Gravic Publishes Article on “Major U.K. Bank Migrates its BASE24™ Application to Active/Active for Continuous Availability”

A large bank in the U.K. provides lending, wealth management, card processing, and many other services for over 48 million customers worldwide.

The bank’s original Disaster Recovery solution reached Mature product status, and did not support automated failover and recovery, nor continuous availability via a more advanced active/active business continuity architecture. The bank decided to explore alternative options and chose HPE Shadowbase as their replacement solution. It also rearchitected the new solution so that its BASE24™ classic ATM application could leverage the new solution’s dual-site active/active capability. With careful planning, best practices, and extensive testing, the bank migrated to the new solution with only a few minor difficulties during the process.

Learn about the bank’s journey to Continuous Availability, what went well, what could have gone better, and how the bank successfully completed the project with no application downtime.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase

For more information, please contact your local HPE account representative or visit our website. Also, please view our latest Shadowbase product solution videos: Vimeo.com/ShadowbaseSoftware.

For Shadowbase support, HPE Shadowbase customers should contact the GNSC; otherwise, please use your normal support contact information supplied in your customer agreement. Please contact us for all other inquiries.

Susan Pridham
Marketing Supervisor & Newsletter Editor

Thanks for reading this issue of the Shadowbase Fall 2023 Newsletter. We appreciate your support and business partnership and hope you have a great Holiday season!

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