September 11, 2023 — HPE NonStop Asia Pacific Team Chosen for HPE Shadowbase Hall of Fame Award

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We Proudly Announce that the HPE NonStop Asia Pacific Team is the 2023 Recipient of the HPE Shadowbase Hall of Fame Award!

Gravic is pleased to recognize the HPE NonStop Asia Pacific Team for its rapid return to in-person, country-specific, bootcamp, roadshow, and User Group events in 2023. Over the first six months of the year, they arranged and executed events in eight cities across the AP region.

These events provided valuable opportunities for HPE, Gravic, customer, and partner teams to meet face-to-face to share information for the region and country-specific situations. These events also provided updates and one-on-one meetings with customers and partners to share the latest strategies and solutions from the Gravic HPE Shadowbase Team.

The HPE Asia Pacific Team was recognized and received awards at the recent NonStop Technical Bootcamp held in Denver, Colorado, USA. Members of the team that supported these events included: Suresh Menon, Shanice Abigail, Nelson Wong, Anthony Ho, Peter Ow, Jason Shen, Rod Cortez, John Eves, and Lili Linggar.  Congratulations to all!