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Jonathan Ziegler

Connection Cover Story: Shadowbase Software Synchronous Replication

Jonathan Ziegler, Gravic’s Senior Manager of Product Development for the Shadowbase Products Group, discusses Shadowbase software synchronous data replication for zero data loss (ZDL), as well as the business continuity continuum. Data loss is one of the main issues whenever an unplanned outage of an IT service occurs. Enhancing asynchronous replication, Shadowbase ZDL uses a...

    From Hacker to Hackathon – History in the Making!

    The Connection, by Vuk Petrovic and Paden R. Holenstein
    What comes to mind when you hear the word hacker? You most likely imagine an individual, (probably male) with elite technical prowess and malicious intent, hunched over a set of bright computer screens streaming matrix-like green text on a black background in a poorly-lit...

      NonStop Impressions from an Under-30 Perspective

      The Connection, by Paden R. Holenstein
      This article gives a unique perspective on the HPE NonStop community from an individual under the age of 30. Paden Holenstein reflects on his first two years of experience in the "real world" and his initial impressions on the HPE NonStop community as a whole.