Customer Stories

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Cartu Bank Ensures Continuous Availability of Payment Services for Georgian Businesses

Cartu Bank understands the need for continuous availability with more than 60% of all e-commerce transactions in the Eastern European country of Georgia running through its payment switch. HPE NonStop Servers with HPE Shadowbase software...

Bank Migrates B24 App

May 17, 2023 — User Presentation: Major UK Bank Migrates its BASE24™ Application to Active/Active for Continuous Availability

A large bank in the UK provides lending, wealth management, card processing, and many other services for over 48 million customers worldwide. The bank’s original Disaster Recovery solution reached Mature product status, and ...

Italian Flag

Telecom Italia’s Continuously Available Mobile Services

Telecom Italia is the leading provider of mobile phone services in Italy. Because of the critical nature of the mobile voice, text and data services it provides, Telecom Italia utilizes a pair of HPE NonStop Servers located in different geographical areas...


Vodacom’s One Year Recovery

Vodacom (Pty) Ltd is one of the largest cellular telephone service providers in Africa, currently supplying voice and messaging services to over 55 million customers. Prepaid calling cards are a major Vodacom service, which if unavailable...

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Zero Downtime Migration for California Credit Union

A large U.S. (California) credit union services its members on a BASE24™ application running on a pair of HPE NonStop systems. The NonStop systems are running in an active/passive business continuity architecture using an existing data replication engine...