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In a world where everything is mobile, connected, interactive, immediate, and mission-critical, you need access to the information, tools, and expertise required to keep your HPE Shadowbase installation running around the clock at peak performance. Gravic provides a range of Shadowbase support services to meet this need:

Contact Support and Request Services

If you purchased your Shadowbase software through HPE, then please open a support case with the GNSC to achieve the quickest response. If you purchased your Shadowbase software directly from Gravic, then please follow your normal support channels for assistance.

Manuals and Softdocs

Download Shadowbase manuals and see the latest documentation with our Softdocs.

Stock photo of contact us stock image: A blue circle around "contact us" and a blue hand cursor on top of the circleRequest for Enhancement (RFE)

Submit an RFE for Gravic to improve its Shadowbase software suite.

Software Support and Release Policies

Gravic, Inc. has standardized HPE Shadowbase software product release and support policies to more closely align with those of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), including definitions and methodology.

Shadowbase TrainingTraining Modules and Request Form

For more information on Shadowbase training and to request training, submit a Request form.