At Gravic we understand that today’s IT operates in a world where everything is mobile, connected, interactive, immediate, and mission-critical. You need access to the information, tools, and expertise required to keep your HPE Shadowbase installation running around the clock at peak performance. Gravic provides a range of Shadowbase support services to meet this need.

Contact Support and Request Services — Contact the Shadowbase support team
Customer Portal — Access to the latest documentation, softdocs, product releases, and knowledgebase
Manuals and Softdocs — HPE Shadowbase documentation
Performance Metrics — HPE Shadowbase policy on performance metrics
Project Deployment Steps — Typical steps in a deployment of a Shadowbase project
Software Support Policies — Standardized Shadowbase product release and support policies
Supported Databases and Platforms — Supported operating systems, databases, and environments
Training Modules and Request Form — Available training for Shadowbase software and request training information