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Zero Downtime Migration

A Bank’s Crisis Migration to a New Data Replication Solution

A Bank’s Crisis Migration to a New Data Replication Solution

As part of a HPE NonStop system upgrade project, a major bank and financial services institution found itself faced with either paying a large increase in license fees for its current data replication engine or having those licenses terminated...

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A Large Financial Institution Migrates Datacenters with No Downtime Using HPE Shadowbase ZDM

A major financial company offers person-to-person money transfers, money orders, and business payments. The company implemented an active/active system with two HPE NonStop systems located 1,000 miles apart...

A Major ISP Migrates from Sybase to HP NonStop with No Downtime

A Major ISP Migrates from Sybase to HPE NonStop with No Downtime

A major international Internet Service Provider (ISP) offers email services, Internet access, and other functions to tens of millions of active global customers. Several million customer accounts were migrated to a new HPE NonStop system...


HPE Shadowbase ZDM Achieves Zero Downtime Migration for Large Bank Datacenter

A large bank operates one of the most extensive ATM/POS networks in North America, using ACI BASE24™ and running on HPE NonStop Servers. If this ATM/POS service went down, much of the region’s retail commerce would come to a halt...

Using HPE Shadowbase Solutions for Application Modernization with Zero Downtime

By turning to today’s SOA technology, a major distributor was able to seamlessly modernize its 15-year-old stand-alone legacy HPE NonStop order-processing application. Sales associates were given PCs and a familiar Windows environment...