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Zero Downtime Migration

A Bank’s Crisis Migration to a New Data Replication Solution

A Bank’s Crisis Migration to a New Data Replication Solution

The Connection, by Paul J. Holenstein
As part of an HP (HPE) NonStop system upgrade project, a major bank and financial services institution found itself faced with either paying a large increase in license fees for its current data replication engine or having those licenses terminated. With only two weeks to go, the bank...

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A Large Financial Institution Migrates Datacenters with No Downtime Using HPE Shadowbase ZDM

The Connection, by Keith B. Evans and Paul J. Holenstein
A major financial company offers person-to-person money transfers, money orders, and business payments. The company implemented an active/active system with two NonStop systems located 1,000 miles...

Switching Replication Engines with Zero Downtime

The Connection, Dr. Bruce D. Holenstein, Paul J. Holenstein, and Dr. Bill Highleyman
Sometimes it is necessary to change or update a data replication engine. A zero downtime migration will impose no downtime on either applications or users. The migration can take place during normal...