HPE Remote Database Facility (RDF) Migrations

IT teams with HPE RDF should plan to migrate to HPE Shadowbase Solutions. RDF was matured by HPE (October 2018), which means that for now the product is still supported; however, it will not be enhanced (no new additional functionality).


RDF Limitations

  • RDF requires Expand (TCP/IP is not supported)
  • RDF is limited to:
    • Asynchronous active/passive (only) business continuity replication
    • Synchronous active/passive (only) business continuity replication (via RDF/ZLT, which requires XP SAN arrays – a distance-limited solution)

Fortunately, HPE Shadowbase products provide all of the RDF capabilities, plus additional features. HPE Shadowbase software should be actively considered by all RDF sites; many of which have already made the switch.

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Additional HPE Shadowbase features beyond RDF


Migrating HPE NonStop non-audited data, programs, and script files

Other HPE products are available to assist migrating to HPE Shadowbase solutions:

Note: Replacing a competing product with HPE Shadowbase software may require HPE Professional Services to replace existing customizations. Please contact us on how to assess and size your project.

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