HPE Shadowbase Compare and Repair for Data Validation

HPE Shadowbase Compare and Repair Data Overview

Verification of replication software products for business continuity is critical and requires independent methods to ensure consistency between databases even while they are actively running.

Real-world Shadowbase Data Validation Use Cases

"Shadowbase Compare is an awesome solution. It is very fast and high-performing."

-Nelson Wong, HPE

Quick Summary

HPE Shadowbase Compare
  • Helps auditors accomplish regulatory data compliance
  • Provides prompt data-checking and peace of mind that the backup database is correct
HPE Shadowbase Compare and its Repair Function
  • Runs independently of any replication product, allowing both the source and target databases to remain open for updating by other applications
  • Works well as part of a customer solution to ensure a business continuity solution is working properly

Validate that Source and Target Databases Match

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Shadowbase Compare Software

Generate a Report of Table Differences

Discrepancies may occur, for example, if either a disaster corrupts one of the databases, or a user misconfigures the application or replication environment.

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Key Compare Benefits

Shadowbase Compare is particularly useful in business continuity data replication environments to validate that a target database matches its source.

Validate Online Replication Configurations
  • Applications may remain active on both the source and target, even for updating, while the comparison takes place
  • Works while any data replication product is running
  • The “polarity” of which file or table is the source versus the target can be changed, and a comparison can be re-run, if needed
Use Reports to Detect Database Corruption from:
  • Human errors
  • Natural disasters
  • Power failures
Generate Reports
  • A summary report provides counts of differences
  • An optional, detailed (verbose) report shows specific differences
  • Helps satisfy regulatory and audit requirements for data verification
Supports Expand and TCP/IP for these Databases:
  • Enscribe
  • SQL/MP
  • SQL/MX


Shadowbase Repair

Correct SQL/MP or SQL/MX Table Discrepancies

Mismatched data

This situation occurs when the tables being compared in the source and target databases have the same primary keys, but their data values differ. Shadowbase Repair can use the values in either the source or target table row to make the data in both tables consistent (match).

Extra or missing data

This situation occurs when a row of data is missing in either the source or the target table. To correct the issue, Shadowbase Repair can either insert or delete values from either table to make both tables consistent.

The user can automatically and quickly correct these discrepancies with just a few simple commands. The user has full control over selecting which table is considered to be correct (referred to as the source table) and which table is considered incorrect (referred to as the target table).

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Key Benefits
  • Works on any two database tables, provided they are both of the same type (MP or MX), and does not require the Shadowbase replication engine
  • Especially useful in business continuity data replication environments
How it Works
  1. Shadowbase Compare runs (see the Solution Brief above), and generates a table of differences
  2. Shadowbase Repair reads the table of differences, and gathers each discrepancy’s table, row, and column information
  3. Shadowbase Repair references this information, and reads the most recent (correct) source data, ensuring that it has the most recent data and if a discrepancy still exists; if so, it repairs the discrepancy
  4. Shadowbase Repair repeatedly loops through the remaining discrepancies, correcting them on the target