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Built by Gravic, Sold by HPE

Shadowbase software is globally sold and supported by HPE under the name HPE Shadowbase. HPE Shadowbase is HPE’s strategic go-forward data replication solution.

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Gravic, Inc. is a Privately Held Company Located in Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA

Twenty Miles West of Philadelphia, PA

We are a software development company whose mission is to Improve Society Through Innovation.

We develop a range of computer software products for change data capture, data collection, transformation, and distribution uses. We specialize in Data Replication on HPE NonStop Servers.

Gravic, Inc. has led the market in providing data replication and data integration software solutions ever since the release of the TMF-Auditor product, the first online replication product of its kind, in 1984. Today, Gravic continues to push the technological evolution of database replication solutions with its patented flagship HPE Shadowbase line of transactional replication software products. Gravic strives to provide Total Replication Solutions® to our customers by adding expert professional services and targeted partner products to a customer’s project when required.

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What is HPE NonStop?

Many people rely on and interact with HPE NonStop Servers every single day, but do not know it. These servers deliver the highest levels of availability for applications and mission-critical businesses.

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Customer Industries

Customers of our HPE Shadowbase data replication and data integration products include companies with enterprise-class mission-critical IT environments that require continuous access to their application services and database information or need their data shared across the enterprise in real-time.

Electric Utilities
Financial and Brokerage Firms
Government Agencies
Healthcare Businesses
Insurance Companies
Stock Exchanges

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Patents and Intellectual Property

We are continuously involved in developing and testing intellectual property and other research and development activities.

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HPE Shadowbase Solutions

HPE Shadowbase solutions provide your business with the tools you need to realize competitive advantage that requires continuous access to real-time transactional data across the enterprise, and needs to avoid the significant costs of service and data unavailability. Mission-critical enterprise computing users rely on the HPE Shadowbase product suite to distribute their real-time critical data and information to target databases and application environments throughout their enterprises.

Shadowbase Solutions

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