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Gravic provides support for BASE24 Classic, BASE24-eps, FIS Connex, BPC SmartVista, Lusis Payments, and Verifone RTS (formerly AJB) in its patented HPE Shadowbase product line. The Shadowbase software features and benefits as described below are available for these payment environments.

"HPE Shadowbase Software is an excellent reference for BASE24 customers looking for an alternative to GoldenGate AKA Extractor Replicator for Active/Active Solutions."

-NonStop Business Manager

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Shadowbase Architectures

Disaster Recovery (Active/Passive)

Uni-direction replication — Replicate data from one system to another for rapid recovery after an outage

  • Seamless recovery
  • Hot production backups

Sizzling-Hot-Takeover (SZT)

Active/”Almost” Active — Replicate data from one system to another for automatic failover and recovery

  • Greatly improves recovery time
  • Only the active node’s application accepts “update” transactions
  • The backup node’s application can perform read-only queries and periodic test transactions for end-to-end verification

Continuous Availability (Active/Active)

Bi-direction replication — An application is running and updating two or more systems, backing each other up

  • Disaster tolerance
  • Scale applications and databases across multiple physical nodes as one logical system
  • Various architectures for avoiding data collisions
  • Algorithms for data collision detection and resolution

Zero Downtime Migration

Replicate data from one system to another to perform a risk-free upgrade

  • Upgrade applications
  • Perform database “platform refreshes”
  • Upgrade systems
  • Switch replication engines
  • Migrate entire datacenters

Data Integration

Replicate data from one database to a different database while transforming, scrubbing, and/or filtering

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Application Integration

Replicate data from one application to a different application with Shadowbase acting as middleware

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Real-Time Business Intelligence

Fast data — Real-time data is much more valuable than old, stale data

  • Build event-driven architectures
  • Enable real-time decision making
  • Feed events as they occur from BASE24, Lusis, and BPC environments