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    A Modern Look at Reliability, Availability, and Scalability

    The Connection, by Dr. Bruce Holenstein, Paul J. Holenstein, and Dr. Bill Highleyman
    Computer manufacturers often stress performance and availability in their marketing literature. Yet, reliability (R), availability (A), and scalability (S) are the three pillars that support mission-critical applications and...

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      Achieving Scalability for Mission-Critical Systems in the Cloud

      The Connection, by Dr. Bruce D. Holenstein, Dr. Bill Highleyman, and Paul J. Holenstein
      The third pillar of mission-critical systems is scalability; reliability and availability are the other two, creating the acronym RAS. Applications...

      Shadowbase Solutions for the Cloud

        Adding High Availability to the Cloud

        The Connection, by Paul J. Holenstein
        In this article, we discuss the role that data replication solutions can play in public, private, and hybrid-cloud computing for critical applications and how it can lower your IT costs, improve fault tolerance of your applications, and increase flexibility. Companies are motivated to find...

        Jonathan Ziegler

        Connection Cover Story on Shadowbase Software Synchronous Replication

        Jonathan Ziegler, Gravic’s Senior Manager of Product Development for the Shadowbase Products Group, discusses Shadowbase software synchronous data replication for zero data loss (ZDL), as well as the business continuity continuum. Data loss is one of the main issues whenever an unplanned outage of an IT service occurs. Enhancing asynchronous replication, Shadowbase ZDL uses a...

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          Crunching Big Data

          The Connection, by Paul J. Holenstein
          In this article, we look at several technologies that interact to extract valuable business information from “the noise” of big data. Big data offers the opportunity for businesses to obtain real-time business intelligence that they could never reach in the past from their typical internal...

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          Data Replication and Integration – Applications in Financial Services

          The Connection, by Keith B. Evans and Paul J. Holenstein
          This article explains how a merchant provider gradually expanded its data replication and integration software to add new capabilities and features to its financial switch. The company used HPE Shadowbase data replication to...

          Discovering Meaningful Patterns Using Data Integration

          The Connection, by Paul J. Holenstein and Keith B. Evans
          HPE Shadowbase Streams for Data Integration uses CDC technology to stream data generated by one application to target database and application environments, eliminating data silos and providing the facilities for integrating existing applications at the data or event-driven level...

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          Dramatically Reduce Outage Costs with Advanced Business Continuity Solutions

          The Connection, by Keith B. Evans
          Whether it be fire, power failure, software error, malfeasance, or some other cause, events occur which can lead to unplanned outages of IT services. If your business is relying on an active/passive or...

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          Easily Modernize and Expose Valuable Enscribe Data – Eliminate Data Silos

          This article/case study explains that a large European manufacturer runs its online shop floor operations on an HPE NonStop Server using an Enscribe database, and how it deployed an HPE Shadowbase data integration solution to exploit the currency and value of this online, trapped, and siloed data. Data replication is not only used for providing...

            From Hacker to Hackathon – History in the Making!

            The Connection, by Vuk Petrovic and Paden R. Holenstein
            What comes to mind when you hear the word hacker? You most likely imagine an individual, (probably male) with elite technical prowess and malicious intent, hunched over a set of bright computer screens streaming matrix-like green text on a black background in a poorly-lit...

            Hardware vs Software Data Replication for Business Continuity (Disk/Cache Flushing vs Transactional Replication Engines)

            The Connection, by Keith B. Evans
            Business continuity encompasses activities that an enterprise performs to maintain timeliness, consistency, and availability of its data, operations, and services. Application availability depends upon the ability of IT...

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              Improving Availability via Staggered Systems

              The Connection, by Dr. Bruce D. Holenstein, Dr. Bill Highleyman, and Paul J. Holenstein
              The reliability of a redundant system is optimized by minimizing the probability that both systems will fail simultaneously. If they both have the same failure probability distribution, then when one system is most...

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                Improving Reliability via Redundant Processing

                The Connection, by Dr. Bruce D. Holenstein, Dr. Bill Highleyman, and Paul J. Holenstein
                One of the three pillars of mission-critical systems is data reliability – a significant concern in data centers worldwide. Data reliability can be ensured via a special configuration that compares the operation of one...

                Large Canadian Bank Adopts Converged Infrastructure

                  Large Canadian Bank Adopts Converged Infrastructure

                  Connect Converge, by Paul J. Holenstein
                  A large Canadian bank took a major step towards providing improved service to its customers by modernizing its active/backup data center architecture and reengineering it into an active/active network. The Shadowbase product suite was selected to provide the data...

                    NonStop Impressions from an Under-30 Perspective

                    The Connection, by Paden R. Holenstein
                    This article gives a unique perspective on the HPE NonStop community from an individual under the age of 30. Paden Holenstein reflects on his first two years of experience in the "real world" and his initial impressions on the HPE NonStop community as a whole.

                      Only On NonStop: Data Replication on Steroids

                      The Connection, by John R. Hoffmann
                      Concurrent replication has many efficiency advantages over serial replication, which are described in this paper. The highly efficient technique of concurrent replication is commercially available only on HP (HPE) NonStop server systems because of the unique structure of and...

                        Only On NonStop: The HP (HPE) NonStop Synchronous Gateway

                        The Connection, by Paul J. Holenstein
                        This article provides a detailed description of the HP NonStop Synchronous Gateway, and how it is used to implement synchronous data replication using Coordinated Commits (a future Shadowbase...

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                        Protecting Your Vital Applications

                        The Connection, by Mark Pollans, HPE Sr. Worldwide Product Manager
                        This article is based on the excellent and informative presentation that Mr. Pollans gave at the 2017 Connect Technical Boot Camp on how to design and build advanced business continuity (BC) architectures, a...

                          Scale-up is Dead, Long Live Scale-out!

                          The Connection, by Keith B. Evans and Paul J. Holenstein
                          Keeping up with user demand is a significant challenge for IT departments. The traditional scale-up approach suffers from significant limitations and cost issues that prevent it from satisfying the ever-increasing workloads of a 24x7 online society. The use of massively...

                          Switching Replication Engines with Zero Downtime

                          The Connection, Dr. Bruce D. Holenstein, Paul J. Holenstein, and Dr. Bill Highleyman
                          Sometimes it is necessary to change or update a data replication engine. A zero downtime migration will impose no downtime on either applications or users. The migration can take place during normal...

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                          Tape Backup for Disaster Recovery? Really?

                          The Connection, by Keith B. Evans
                          Tape or virtual tape backup/restore for periodic backups is prudent (after all, it is easy to sometimes purge the ‘wrong’ file). However, when used for disaster recovery, in the always-on, never-stop world we live in, it often doesn’t make sense. Unfortunately, some businesses are using this...

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                          The Better Backup Method

                          The Connection, by Paul J. Holenstein, Dr. Bruce D. Holenstein, and Dr. Bill Highleyman
                          This article discusses strategies for improving database recovery times after catastrophic failure for companies that use the “tried-and-true” backup and restore approach for data recovery. This method...

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                          Two Merged Retailers Integrate HP NonStop SQL and Oracle RAC

                          The Connection, by Paul J. Holenstein
                          As the result of a merger, a major U.S. retailer had thousands of stores using two different point-of-sale systems. To resolve this, the company integrated point-of-sale processing for its existing ACI BASE24...

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                          Why an Active/Passive Business Continuity Solution is Not Good Enough

                          The Connection, by Keith B. Evans
                          The costs of prolonged downtime of critical business IT systems are significant (potentially to the point of closing the company). These potential costs are compounded by the fact that the many events...

                          Why Your Business Continuity Plan May be Inadequate

                          Why Your Business Continuity Plan May be Inadequate

                          The Connection, by Keith B. Evans and Paul J. Holenstein
                          Disaster recovery is not business continuity, and business continuity technologies are not all equal – some technologies are “more equal” than others. Even though you may already have a business continuity plan in place, it may not be adequate, well-tested, or well-supported. Worse...