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Compare and Repair Data

Gas station

Load/Copy/Validate OSS (Open System Services) Regular Files with SOLVUTIL

A large and growing U.S. gas and convenience chain has over 3,500 stores, and is rapidly expanding. It uses Verifone (formerly AJB) point of sale and loyalty rewards applications on HPE NonStop systems using SQL/MX. Most of the application runs in the OSS space...

SB Compare

Data Validation with HPE Shadowbase Compare & Repair Software

Validate that a Source and Target Database Match The HPE Shadowbase Compare & Repair Software Suite compares like-to-like HPE NonStop environments and data sets, such as Enscribe-to-Enscribe SQL/MP-to-SQL/MP SQL/MX to SQL/MX data The suite works across TCP/IP and/or Expand connectivity. Prove Database Data Matches It validates that two database copies are equivalent and helps satisfy...

Validate Source and Target Data Match

One of the world’s largest financial services firms provides investment services, transaction processing, and asset management on HPE NonStop systems. The institution is required to meet regulatory requirements, including validating...