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Compare and Repair Data

Gas station

Load/Copy/Validate OSS (Open System Services) Regular Files with SOLVUTIL

A large and growing U.S. gas and convenience chain has over 3,500 stores, and is rapidly expanding. It uses Verifone (formerly AJB) point of sale and loyalty rewards applications on HPE NonStop systems using SQL/MX. Most of the application runs in the OSS space...

SB Compare

HPE Shadowbase Compare – Validate that a Source and Target Database Match

HPE Shadowbase Compare validates that two like HPE NonStop databases match, and highlights any differences found by creating a summary or detailed report. Applications and databases can remain online for...

Validate Source and Target Data Match

One of the world’s largest financial services firms provides investment services, transaction processing, and asset management on HPE NonStop systems. The institution is required to meet regulatory requirements, including validating...


Shadowbase Compare and Repair Software for Data Validation

The award-winning Gravic Shadowbase Business Continuity solutions achieve high and continuous availability to prevent prolonged periods of downtime and data loss, which can be extremely costly to a business.

SB Compare

HPE Shadowbase Compare & Repair Solution Brief

HPE Shadowbase Compare is a suite of utility products that compares two HPE NonStop databases (Enscribe and/or SQL), and reports all found discrepancies between them. Discrepancies may occur, for example, if a disaster corrupts one of the databases, or the user accidentally...