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HPE Shadowbase Quick Reference Card (QRC)

HPE Shadowbase software can be broken down into several distinct solution areas: Business Continuity Data and Application Integration Compare, Essentials, and Utilities Please reference this Quick Reference Card when discussing HPE Shadowbase with other members of your IT team. Solution Brief: HPE Shadowbase Quick Reference Card (QRC)

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Transform Inflight Data Using Shadowbase Mapping

A large European financial service provider offers trading and payment services for over 100 member banks on HPE NonStop systems. The provider’s development team follows agile procedures in releasing new core application functionality...

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Load/Copy/Validate OSS (Open System Services) Regular Files with SOLVUTIL

A large and growing U.S. gas and convenience chain has over 3,500 stores, and is rapidly expanding. It uses Verifone (formerly AJB) point of sale and loyalty rewards applications on HPE NonStop systems using SQL/MX. Most of the application runs in the OSS space...

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Create a Shadowbase Audit Log to Verify Transaction Activity

A brokerage service bureau provides trading services to financial services firms on HPE NonStop systems. The financial services firms act as a "middleman," providing portfolio management with online access to the service bureau's NonStop trading application...

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HPE Shadowbase Data Definition Language (SBDDLUTL) Technical Brief

The HPE Shadowbase Data Definition Language Utility (SBDDLUTL) provides a powerful interface to convert and map the Enscribe DDL data structures (records, fields) into SQL equivalents (tables, columns). SBDDLUTL supports a variety of target SQL databases, including...

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HPE Shadowbase Audit Compliance Reporting and Analysis Solution Brief

Audit compliance has become an increasingly important part of most businesses. Failure to meet compliance requirements can result in heavy fines, or even suspension of operations. Fraudulent activity can result in significant costs if left unchecked. It is imperative that you know what...

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HPE Shadowbase Data Recovery Software: UNDO & REDO

Data Corruption HPE Shadowbase Data Recovery Software can safely restore corrupted databases with a minimum of downtime and a maximum of confidence, quickly and reliably eliminating the potential costs and risks associated with corrupted data. These products are flexible and able to meet specific needs, including customization via powerful Shadowbase User Exit facilities. Why does...

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HPE Shadowbase SOLV Product Suite — Online Database Loading, Copying, Synchronizing, and Unloading

The HPE Shadowbase Online Loader (SOLV) and the HPE Shadowbase Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Toolkit are utility products designed to perform initial database loads, including any subsequent target database resynchronization, providing online and offline loading (or unloading) of...


HPE Shadowbase Mapping Facility (SBMAP)

Shadowbase User Exits have long been a feature to embed custom logic into the replication engine. Prior to SBMAP (currently a TCD), all data mapping logic had to be manually programmed as a User Exit. Now, SBMAP automatically transforms in-flight data as it is replicated and defines data mapping logic without the need to write...


HPE Shadowbase Essentials Bundle

Businesses with continuous access to real-time online transactional data have a competitive advantage. HPE Shadowbase data replication solutions support low-latency, uni-directional (one-way), and bi-directional...

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Telco Normalizes and Loads Legacy Data into Relational Formats

A large telecommunications (telco) company based in Africa is servicing a growing user base, providing cell services, call detail record (CDR) billing, an online game show, and card recharging (talk minute reloading) on various applications with an existing replication engine on HPE NonStop systems...