Data Integration

Asymmetric Capacity Expansions for Nuclear Plant Management

Asymmetric Capacity Expansion for Nuclear Plant Management

An energy provider manages the work and materials flow for its nuclear power plants on various plant systems. Over the past few years, database querying and reporting, along with operational activity, grew across multiple, distributed systems...


Replace Attunity Replicate with HPE Shadowbase Off and/or On-platform Data Integration

A large European steel tube manufacturer runs shop floor control applications on a pair of HPE NonStop systems. The manufacturer periodically runs reporting applications on remote Linux servers, and these reports remotely...

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Replicate and Transform Insurance Claims Data

An insurance company provides claim processing services for its client companies, which then service their insurance policy holders (the end users). As claims are made on an HPE NonStop Server, they entered a claims processing application...

Stock Information

Replicate Securities Account Information

A brokerage service bureau provides outsource services (Figure 1) for security account balance and trade history to its banking customers’ end users on two NonStop systems connected via RDF. The service bureau needs to provide 24x7 access to the customers’ end users on a variety of...

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Stop Opioid Prescription Fraud (via a Decision Support System)

A national healthcare agency processes all prescription insurance claims for the country’s healthcare market with a set of applications on HPE NonStop systems. The agency is facing exponential growth in the number of prescriptions due to an aging population along with prescription fraud and abuse...