Replicate Securities Account Information

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Figure 1 — The Service Bureau Business Relationship with Banking Customers and End Users


A brokerage service bureau provides outsource services (Figure 1) for security account balance and trade history to its banking customers’ end users on two NonStop systems connected via RDF.

The service bureau needs to provide 24×7 access to the customers’ end users on a variety of devices. The service bureau also needs to provide an ad-hoc query and reporting capability to the customers’ end users, preferably on customer-managed platforms and databases.


  1. For security reasons, the bureau did not want direct end user access to its NonStop-based database.
  2. For performance reasons, the bureau did not want end user ad-hoc reporting to interfere with its NonStop-based applications.
  3. For maintenance reasons, the bureau wanted to avoid managing the customers’ target platforms, databases, and environments.


Figure 2 — The Service Bureau’s Data Integration Architecture


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