Supported Databases and Platforms

Contact us to clarify and to ask about compatibility with databases and operating systems that are not listed.

1) Detailed .XLSX with Specific Versions (Note – Always “hard refresh” and clear your browser’s cache before downloading in order to ensure you download the most recent version.)

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2) Summary Diagram

supported dbs and platforms

Database combinations are typically tested in a standard QA cycle.

3) Summary Table

Applications Operating Systems Source Databases and Environments2 Target Databases and Environments2
BASE24 Classic Application Log Files Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Extracts/Formatting Adapters*
BASE24-eps HP-UX Flat Files Generic Interprocess Message Delivery/Notification
BPC SmartVista HPE GreenLake HPE NonStop Enscribe Generic ODBC Targets (Please Contact Us)
Home-grown Applications HPE NonStop Open System Services (OSS) HPE NonStop SQL/MP HPE NonStop Enscribe
Lusis Tango (Lusis Payments) HPE Virtualized NonStop HPE NonStop SQL/MX (Native ANSII Tables) HPE NonStop SQL/MX (Native ANSII Tables)
Verifone RTS (formerly AJB) IBM AIX HPE NonStop SQL/MX (SQL/MP Tables) HPE NonStop SQL/MP
Note: This is not an exhaustive list. Microsoft Windows IBM Db2® HPE NonStop SQL/MX (SQL/MP Tables)
Oracle Linux Microsoft SQL Server IBM Db2®
Oracle Solaris Oracle Database (including Enterprise Edition) Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle Solaris x86 SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP ASE) Middleware Feeds/Messaging Feeds
Red Hat Enterprise Linux1 MySQL
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)1 Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
Various Cloud Platforms (Azure, GCP, AWS) PostgreSQL
SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (SAP Sybase ASE)
1Additional Linux variants are available.
2Shadowbase “Consumptive” User Exits
Shadowbase software is extensible and supports a “consumptive” model, where the user can create and utilize Shadowbase User Exits to directly interface with a database or other target platform not on this list. In these cases, the customer takes responsibility for testing Shadowbase software and its custom user exits with the target environment, including whenever the respective vendor(s) release new versions.

cloud*Shadowbase Adapter Ecosystem

Please note that we continually build an ecosystem of partners to meet our customer’s adapter needs. Several companies are available and it is possible to feed data from HPE Shadowbase into targets that are not directly supported by the main replication engine.

For instance, TIC Software has created The Amazon Gateway (TAG) for replication from HPE NonStop out to AWS targets, and is currently working on an adapter to feed NonStop data into Apache Kafka:

TIC AWS Gateway

TIC Software AWS Gateway

Please Contact Us to Verify Compatibility