Real-Time Data Replication and Integration Software for a Nonstop World


The award-winning Shadowbase software from Gravic, Inc. provides real-time data replication and integration from a variety of source databases to a variety of target databases for hundreds of worldwide mission-critical enterprise users.

Supported Databases and Platforms

supported dbs and platforms
Uni-directional (one-way) and Bi-directional (two-way) Data Replication and Streaming

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) directly sells and supports Shadowbase software solutions for Business Continuity (including Zero Downtime Migration), Data and Application Integration, Data Validation (Compare and Repair), and the Essentials Bundle under the name HPE Shadowbase.

HPE Shadowbase Business Continuity Solutions

Consistency and recoverability of data, operations, and services

  • High to extreme availability levels
  • Automatic failover and recovery
  • Eliminate planned downtime
  • Seamless upgrades, migrations, and platform refreshes
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SB Compare

HPE Shadowbase Compare & Repair for Data Validation

Proves source and target database integrity

  • Quick compare and validation that two databases or datasets match
  • Data discrepancy corrections with HPE Shadowbase Repair function
  • Both databases remain online (even for updates)

HPE Shadowbase Digital Resilience Solutions

Recover Critical Applications and Data After a Malware or Ransomware Attack

  • Fingerprinting of inter-process communication (IPC) messages and data files to detect tampering
  • Data recovery in real-time to minimize downtime
  • Support for air-gapped architectures and immutable storage to aid in isolation and recovery efforts

HPE Shadowbase Essentials Bundle

Manage, monitor, and control Shadowbase environments

  • Automatic replication of DDL commands
  • Conversion and mapping of HPE NonStop Enscribe and SQL data structures into various SQL target schemas
  • Initial database load and change extraction into flat files
  • Flexible data transformation
  • Transaction ledger of HPE NonStop activity
  • Corrupted database restoration

HPE Shadowbase Streams for Application Integration

Real-time application sharing and business insight

  • Different applications interoperate in real-time without re-coding
  • Event-driven architectures
  • Real-time business intelligence (RTBI)
  • Real-time fraud detection

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1s and 0s

Real-time data sharing and insight

  • Diverse data consolidation coexisting in a single database enabling value-add services
  • Powerful, scalable, and flexible facilities for data transformation
  • Streaming change data capture (CDC) events into data warehouses
  • Unleashed trapped and valuable data


HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) Solutions

Risk-free migrations

  • Continuous application services during system upgrades, application or database updates, platform refreshes, and other types of migrations
  • Flexibly load data into new environments while application processing continues, preserving data integrity
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