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Real-Time Data Replication and Integration Software for a Nonstop World

Shadowbase Software

Mission-critical enterprise users rely on the award-winning Gravic Shadowbase product suite to address all aspects of real-time data distribution. Shadowbase data replication software enables the highest levels of business continuity, avoiding planned and unplanned outages, and facilitating zero application downtime migrations and upgrades. Shadowbase data and application integration software eliminates islands of information, enabling rapid development and deployment of new business services to deliver real-time data sharing and business intelligence. Data utilities provide tools for validation and recovery of corrupted data.Technology partner logo and award

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Application Integration

HPE Shadowbase Application Integration solutions enable different applications to interoperate in real-time, enabling event-driven architectures for real-time business intelligence, real-time fraud detection, and more.

Business Continuity

HPE Shadowbase Business Continuity solutions offer high to extreme availability levels, and HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) technology eliminates planned downtime for seamless upgrades, migrations, and platform refreshes.

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Compare & Repair Data

The HPE Shadowbase Compare solution quickly validates that an actively running source and target database match, and the HPE Shadowbase Repair function is used to correct data discrepancies.

Data Integration

HPE Shadowbase Data Integration solutions consolidate diverse data to coexist in a single database, providing powerful, scalable, and flexible facilities for transforming and unleashing valuable trapped data.

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HPE Shadowbase Utilities ensure that enterprise operations run smoothly, meet audit compliance, and manage, monitor and correct any data in order to detect and resolve atypical behavior.

Zero Downtime Migration

HPE Shadowbase solutions are used in a variety of architectures across diverse industries. Our expertise in product delivery and support continuously meet or exceed our customers’ architectural and service-level requirements.