Real-Time Data Replication and Integration Software for a Nonstop World

Shadowbase Software

Mission-critical enterprise users rely on the award-winning Gravic Shadowbase product suite to distribute their critical data and information in real-time to target databases and applications. Software solutions include active/passive disaster recovery to active/active business continuity, feeding data warehouses and real-time business intelligence facilities, and performing zero application downtime migrations (ZDMs).Technology partner logo and award

Business Continuity

HPE Shadowbase business continuity software solutions support the full range of data replication architectures to avoid planned and unplanned downtime. These include traditional uni-directional active/passive disaster recovery, Sizzling-Hot-Takeover (SZT) active/almost-active higher availability architectures, and fully active/active continuous availability architectures. In addition, Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) technology eliminates planned application downtime even through disruptive upgrades and platform migrations.

Data Integration & Synchronization

HPE Shadowbase data integration and synchronization software solutions are powerful and flexible facilities enabling diverse applications to interoperate with each other in real-time at the data-driven level, thereby creating real-time copies of selected data from a source system’s database into a target system’s database, which may then be acted upon by target applications. Typical uses include uni-directionally feeding data warehouses, data marts, operational data stores, or query/reporting databases; as well as bi-directionally re-integrating database changes across distributed application processing platforms.

Application Integration

HPE Shadowbase application integration software solutions provide extensible facilities that enable disparate applications to interoperate with each other at the event-driven level, with events generated by a source application sent in real-time to a target application for processing. Typical uses include building real-time business intelligence systems, real-time fraud detection, real-time event notification, and real-time sales analysis.


Data replication is at the center of the HPE Shadowbase product portfolio. However, it is also important to be able to manage, monitor and, if necessary, correct data in order to detect and resolve anomalous behavior, ensure continuation of proper business operations, and for audit compliance purposes. Shadowbase software solutions include utility products to meet these additional needs.

Industry services

Industry Services

HPE Shadowbase software is used across a wide variety of industries for business continuity, zero downtime migrations and upgrades, and data and application integration, delivering high availability to IT services and distribution of data for real-time business intelligence and other purposes.