Real-Time Data Replication and Integration Software for a Nonstop World

Mission-critical enterprise users rely on the award-winning Gravic Shadowbase product suite to address all aspects of real-time data replication.

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Application Integration

Real-time application sharing and business insight

  • Different applications interoperate in real-time without re-coding
  • Event-driven architectures
  • Real-time business intelligence (RTBI)
  • Real-time fraud detection

Business Continuity

Consistency and recoverability of data, operations, and services

  • High to extreme availability levels
  • Automatic failover and recovery
  • Eliminate planned downtime
  • Seamless upgrades, migrations, and platform refreshes
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Real-time data sharing and insight

  • Diverse data consolidation coexisting in a single database enabling value-add services
  • Powerful, scalable, and flexible facilities for data transformation
  • Streaming change data capture (CDC) events into data warehouses
  • Unleashed trapped and valuable data


Data Validation

Proves source and target database integrity

  • Quick compare and validation that two databases or datasets match
  • Data discrepancy corrections with HPE Shadowbase Repair function
  • Both databases remain online (even for updates)




Manage, monitor, and control Shadowbase environments

  • Automatic replication of DDL commands
  • Conversion and mapping of HPE NonStop Enscribe and SQL data structures into various SQL target schemas
  • Initial database load and change extraction into flat files
  • Flexible data transformation
  • Transaction ledger of HPE NonStop activity
  • Corrupted database restoration

Zero Downtime Migration

Risk-free migrations

  • Continuous application services during system upgrades, application or database updates, platform refreshes, and other types of migrations
  • Flexibly load data into new environments while application processing continues, preserving data integrity
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