Spring 2024: Shadowbase Development News

Jonathan Ziegler, Sr. Manager, Product Development

Upcoming Shadowbase Release Highlights

We are excited to share an update on our releases currently in development (coming soon!).

The following releases with a whole host of new functionality are nearing development completion now:

  • HPE NonStop Shadowbase Version 7.000 for both J and L-series systems
  • HPE Shadowbase Version 6.810 for Other Servers

HPE green computers

Version 7.000 for HPE NonStop J and L-series Features – Coming Soon

  • Automatic alternate key file filtering option, allowing for automatic exclusion of alternate key files from replication
  • The Shadowbase Blistering Fast Compare (SBBFCOMP) utility, supporting rapid comparison of Enscribe Entry-sequenced files with more Enscribe file types to come
  • Enhanced latency and statistics reporting and alarming
  • Built-in support for the Extract Transform and Load (ETL) Toolkit, with expanded capabilities including additional target support such as a Kafka adapter, an IBM MQ adapter, and optional JSON output formatting support
  • Enhanced Queue Manager QFILE management, including a new utility, QFILEUTL, for viewing information about existing QFILES.
  • Simplified support for fan out of one source event to many target events when needed for data normalization (e.g., when expanding an Enscribe DDL ARRAY item into multiple target rows, one per array element)
  • Wildcarded Compare support for Enscribe and SQL/MP to simplify large database compare jobs
  • HPE Shadowbase Zero Data Loss (ZDL) Controlled Availability (CA) release (Note: only L-series for replication source-side systems; target side can be J or L series)
  • And much more!

Partner ImageVersion 6.810 for Other Servers Features – Coming Soon

  • Support for the version 6.800 general features for our other supported platforms and databases, including AWS Aurora, Google Cloud Platform (Cloud SQL), etc.
  • Additional enhancements to the ODBC Array-based processing mode, including support for:
    • INSERTNOTFOUND (INF) processing and statement merging
    • Columnar mode array-based processing for improved performance with columnar databases
    • Enhanced array-based processing statistics
  • Enhanced statistics reporting, including detailed information on DOC file I/O operations for each object and additional latency reporting and alarming capabilities
  • Support for long hostname values
  • A new utility, SBLICINFO, to assist with system information reporting for Shadowbase license requests

We value your insights and requests for new functions and features, and enjoy discussing your needs with our product planning and development teams.  Always feel free to reach out to us to discuss your business requirements so we can see if we have an existing solution, or can add in a new feature to solve what you are looking for.

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