Spring 2024: Shadowbase ITL (Integration Team Lead) & Deployment News

Peter Schvarcz casual headshot

Peter Schvarcz
ITL Senior Project Manager

Andrew “Drew” J. Bauernschmidt Product Analyst

The ITL Team is Hard at Work

Over the past six months, our team released a major upgrade version for Shadowbase on the NonStop as well as on the non-NonStop platforms, and they are hard at work nearing a new major release with many new features for both platforms (details are available in the Development section). We stand ready to assist our customers adopting and benefiting from these features. Please reach out to us if you would like customized training and implementation for your team.

Many ITL Team Projects!

  • We finished a project for a major U.K. bank that completed its fully Active/Active BASE24™ dual-site capability migration to Shadowbase.
  • We completed an HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) of a major U.S. retailer, which was successfully completed under a very tight schedule (about 45 days). This migration resulted in major recovery time improvements from days down to seconds with Shadowbase. We are currently preparing to assist the same customer with its Active/Active solution, leveraging our bi-directional replication capability.
  • We recently completed a POC for a major credit card company and met all of their objectives successfully. This POC involved replacing an existing replication product in several NonStop Business Continuity environments and several Other Server replication environments, including both Oracle and Windows SQL Server target environments.
  • We also completed a ZDM for a U.S.-based credit union and are set to make some additional enhancements by leveraging a new scripting capability for built-in system name remapping. If you plan to go to this year’s HPE NonStop TBC, be sure to attend the customer session presenting this project.
  • We are also working with a European petroleum company on several projects.
  • We recently concluded a project assisting a major European railway company with its data migration (and data validation using Shadowbase Compare) as part of a platform refresh.
  • We are currently working on a POC in the APAC region as well as several new opportunities in the LATAM region.
  • We are continuing to work on a competing product replacement at a major bank using CONNEX in an active/active architecture in Australia.
Andrew Bauernschmidt at eGTUG Booth

Andrew Bauernschmidt at eGTUG Booth

As you can see, there is no shortage of ongoing projects or upcoming opportunities, only a shortage of the most valuable commodity: time. 😊

“Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, NonStop!”

You know what they say, “Can’t stop, won’t stop, NonStop!”

Drew has been working “nonstop” through various new customer projects in between traveling to various HPE shows and events:

  • He found the variety of sessions, customer discussion opportunities, and experiences at tradeshows to be quite helpful.
  • Drew loved meeting everyone and seeing familiar faces at our eGTUG booth!
  • He also learned a lot from the partners and colleagues, including more about all of the various HPE NonStop partner products.

Andrew Bauernschmidt in Puerto Rico

Andrew Bauernschmidt in Puerto Rico

Drew also had the opportunity to meet with customers in Puerto Rico. Since he worked closely with this team on a Shadowbase deployment a few years ago, it was a rewarding experience to meet with them in person and discuss future projects!

We are looking forward to new projects, innovations, and providing you with an update in six months’ time!