Spring 2024: Shadowbase Market Update

Paden R. Holenstein Business Development Specialist & Marketing Coordinator

Paden Holenstein, Bus. Dev. Coordinator

The past six months have been an absolute whirlwind for me. Whether it was from my two weeks of (skiing) vacation, a Family Reunion in Dallas, Texas to watch the total eclipse, or the numerous RUG/TUG events I’ve been to (including a side stop in Tokyo to meet with our local reseller after OZTUG), I am exhausted!  My hat is off to those of you that have been doing this all these years…

Over the past few months, we’ve seen some interesting areas of focus in the HPE NonStop world.  These key trends and insights are based on our observations over the past six months from interacting with folks in the HPE NonStop world. We hope you find them informative.

Key Trends and Insights

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PCI DSS 4.0 Advances to the Forefront of Customer Focus

This set of requirement changes unleashes a new set of challenges for customers including encryption of Sensitive Authentication Data (SAD) and data tokenization.

Shadowbase users should familiarize themselves with the new 4.0 regulations and the HPE Shadowbase Data Protection Technical Brief, plus leverage key solutions in the HPE Shadowbase Essentials bundle (e.g., SAL and SAR, and Shadowbase UNDO-REDO for Data Recovery).

Digital Resilience Initiatives and Concerns Accelerate

HPE Digital Resilience Framework (Nist Cybersecurity)

HPE Digital Resilience Framework (Nist Cybersecurity)

The HPE Digital Resilience Framework based on the NIST Cybersecurity Standard continues to evolve during discussions and presentations at eGTUG and other RUG and TUG events.

Customers should familiarize themselves with the new HPE Shadowbase Digital Resilience and Data Recovery Solutions webpage which provides an overview of Digital Resilience and how to recover critical applications and data after a Malware or Ransomware attack.

Then, they should discuss how to obtain Digital Resilience with their Team and Management.

Keep in mind that this field is moving fast and will likely keep evolving dramatically over the next several months (and stop by our booth at the upcoming TBC for a demo of HPE Shadowbase Digital Resilience in action).

sb cloud streaming

High-Performance Public Cloud Integration with HPE Shadowbase Data and Application Integration

Growing Interest in HPE NonStop Data Integration with the Cloud

HPE NonStop customers continue to explore cloud options, including platforms, because they find it easy for scalability and agility.

However, they also have come across instances with higher-than-expected storage fees and lower service availability (at least, when compared to HPE NonStop and managing other VM’s on Linux and Windows in their own data center). This has led to “data repatriation” where companies have actually migrated off the cloud back to on-premise datacenters due to unforeseen costs.

Public Cloud Integration

With customers already using HPE Shadowbase for NonStop and Cloud Integration, the Shadowbase Development team has been hard at work on improving the Shadowbase cloud-bursting and related features.

The latest version of HPE Shadowbase enhances the original release’s cloud-bursting speed by anywhere from 10-100x based on the team’s lab results and customer implementations.

sb vns in the cloud

HPE Shadowbase Business Continuity with vNS in Cloud Environments

Virtualized NonStop Cloud Environments

The team also continues to improve on Shadowbase Business Continuity for cloud environments.

Currently, Shadowbase software supports full capabilities for NS to vNS (on Azure and GCP, with AWS as in-plan for the future) including bi-directional replication.

If you are interested, Contact Us to see the demo presented at eBITUG 2023.

Spring Show Recap

We attended nine incredible tradeshows this spring, where we shared our presentation, HPE Shadowbase Solutions: Maximize NonStop Digital Resilience with Data Replication, Integration, and Validation. Our discussion focused on how HPE Shadowbase solutions can help maximize Digital Resilience and address business needs like Cloud Integration, Streaming Data, Analytics, and Virtualization.

Next, we reviewed the HPE Digital Resilience Framework and new product innovation, including Data Recovery for Cybersecurity (e.g., Ransomware recovery) and Zero Data Loss synchronous replication.

March 5-7 OZTUG (Sydney, Australia)

April 8-10 – eGTUG (Berlin, Germany)

Paden Holenstein presenting on HPE Shadowbse Digital Resilience at CTUG

Explaining HPE Shadowbase Digital Resilience at CTUG

May 2 –N2TUG (Hurst, Texas)

May 14 – MATUG (Reston, Virginia)

May 16 – MEXTUG (Mexico City, Mexico)

May 16 – NYTUG (Berkeley Heights, New Jersey)

June 5-6 – CTUG (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

June 13 – BITUG BIG SIG (London, England)

June 17-20 – HPE Discover (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Coming Soon: TBC NonStop Technical Bootcamp! Please join us at the TBC from September 23rd-26th in Monterey, CA!

Two New Articles

Gravic and HPE Shadowbase Software - Our Humble RootsGravic Featured in Cover Story and Podcast in The Connection March/April Issue: Gravic and HPE Shadowbase Software – Our Humble Roots

Please watch the podcast or read the cover article, where Paul and I interview each other on a variety of topics, including:

  • Paul’s career history
  • The history of Gravic
  • Paul’s predictions for the next decade at Gravic
  • Paden’s career history
  • Paden’s hopes for Gravic’s future
  • Gravic’s partnership with the HPE Nonstop community

We hope that you have as much fun watching or reading this article as we did in creating it!

Gravic, Inc. 45th Anniversary Logo

Gravic Published an Article in The Connection May/June Issue: Gravic, Inc. Celebrates its 45th Anniversary – Then vs. Now 

Our article shares stories from our origins and history, while expressing our gratitude for everyone who worked with Gravic over the past 45 years. It is also our 10th year of partnership with HPE in creating and producing the HPE Shadowbase product line. Our partnership has brought HPE Shadowbase solutions to hundreds of worldwide enterprises. We thank our customers and partners, who made this anniversary possible; we could not be more grateful.

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