March 5 & 7, 2024 — OZTUG 2024: Strong Focus on HPE NonStop Digital Resilience

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Last week, the Gravic team traveled to Sydney and Melbourne to present, HPE Shadowbase Solutions: Maximize NonStop Digital Resilience with Data Replication, Integration, and Validation. In this session, they discussed how HPE Shadowbase solutions can help maximize Digital Resilience and address business needs like Cloud Integration, Streaming Data, Analytics, and Virtualization. They also reviewed the HPE Digital Resilience Framework and new product innovation, including Data Recovery for Cybersecurity (e.g., Ransomware recovery) and Zero Data Loss synchronous replication.

XYPRO, 4Techsoftware, and ETI-NET also presented on the HPE Framework, each highlighting how its solutions fit in the Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover phases. Peter Ow, HPE Solution Architect, presented Enhancing Digital Resilience for Your NonStop System, and highlighted how HPE Shadowbase helps fulfill the Protect, Detect, and Recover requirements.

OZTUG in Sydney

At the Sydney event, the community welcomed Casey Taylor, Vice President and General Manager of HPE NonStop. Casey presented the Keynote, closing with “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, NonStop. The Sydney event closed with an HPE and Partner toast and dinner welcoming Casey Taylor into the HPE NonStop community. We greatly appreciated getting to know Casey and look forward to the impact she will have in the NonStop community.

OZTUG 2024 Dinner

Dinner in Sydney, welcoming Casey Taylor to the NonStop community

OZTUG in Melbourne

At the Melbourne event, Nelson Wong, HPE Senior Consultant, presented NonStop Around Asia including an HPE Shadowbase Triple Active/Active Case Study discussing how HPE Shadowbase Continuous Availability ensured that an entire system outage was completely unknown to the end users (including an Executive Leader of a local country at an important access control point, which was flooded with visitors during the Chinese New Year.

Both venues offered breathtaking views and good opportunities for conversation. It is truly beautiful and satisfying to experience people from various companies, countries, and cultures meet and put their heads together in sharing ideas, questioning concepts, and providing updates on what is happening in the HPE NonStop world.