Product Delivery

HPE and Gravic strive to ensure a seamless product delivery, helping customers transition from proof-of-concept to implementation.

"Those [Gravic support, Joe / Drew / Chris / etc.] guys all have the same calm, cool demeanor. I say, man, what drugs are they on? I want some of that."

-Customer Director of HPE NonStop Systems

The Product Delivery Team Ensures Fulfillment for (but is not limited to):


HPE NonStop Servers

Gravic and HPE continuously work to push the envelope of reliability, availability, and scalability with HPE Shadowbase on HPE NonStop (formerly Tandem) Servers.

Product Delivery for HPE NonStop Servers

Other Servers

“Other Servers” includes non-HPE NonStop platforms that HPE Shadowbase data replication supports.

Product Delivery for Other Servers

Performance Metrics

We understand that you may ask us questions such as, Just how fast can Shadowbase software move my data? and How much overhead will the Shadowbase data replication engine incur?

Performance Metrics
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Professional Services (PS) and Request Form

Gravic offers a range of customizable HPE Shadowbase Professional Services to meet any customer need, including (but not limited to):

  • Initial customer replication needs assessment and analysis
  • Project architecture and design discussions
  • Shadowbase installation assistance
  • Shadowbase configuration assistance
  • Designing and developing Shadowbase user exits (product customizations)
  • Testing and deploying Shadowbase solutions
  • Shadowbase product training
  • Shadowbase environment loading analysis and performance tuning
  • Shadowbase product upgrades or environment upgrades to achieve Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) solutions

All services are scheduled at a mutually agreeable and convenient date, time, and location (on-site or remote).

Request Professional Services

If you purchased your Shadowbase software through HPE, then please contact your HPE sales representative. However, if you purchased your Shadowbase software directly from Gravic, then please contact us.


Project Deployment Steps

Customers often ask us, What is involved in deployment of a Shadowbase project?

We created this outline to help define the steps involved in such a project. Please note that this outline is not all-inclusive, and specific customer situations will demand a more customized response. Therefore, the most common steps in a Shadowbase deployment are outlined here.

Project Deployment Steps

Releases by Version (SOFTDOCS)

What are the most recent HPE Shadowbase Software Product Releases (SPRs) available from HPE Scout or DVD?

Shadowbase Releases (SOFTDOCS)

Release Glossary, Policy, and Versions

What are the most recent HPE Shadowbase Software Product Releases (SPRs) available from HPE Scout or DVD?

Release Info
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Supported Databases and Platforms

What environments do we test HPE Shadowbase software with?

Supported DBs