Product Delivery

HPE and Gravic strive to ensure a seamless product delivery, helping customers transition from proof-of-concept to implementation. The Product Delivery team ensures fulfillment for (but is not limited to):

HPE NonStop Servers

How do Gravic and HPE continuously work to push the envelope of reliability, availability, and scalability with HPE Shadowbase on HPE NonStop servers?

Other Servers

What other platforms does HPE Shadowbase data replication support?

Supported Databases and PlatformsShadowbase partners include but are not limited to Redhat, HPE, Microsoft, Linux, Oracle, IBM, Sybase, AIX, MySQL, UNIX, SuSE, and solaris

What environments do we test HPE Shadowbase software with?

Performance Metrics

How fast can HPE Shadowbase software perform?

Project Deployment StepsDev Ops stock image, with text build, code, plan, monitor, operate, deploy, release, and test in a figure-eight around "Dev" and "Ops"

What is involved with a typical HPE Shadowbase deployment?

Shadowbase TrainingTraining Modules and Request Form

What types of HPE Shadowbase training are available?

Professional Services & Request FormHPE stock photo of man staring at a screen

What HPE Shadowbase professional services are available?

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Please contact HPE in order to purchase HPE Shadowbase software.