Crunching Big Data

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Noise and Opportunity

In this article, we look at several technologies that interact to extract valuable business information from “the noise” of big data. Big data offers the opportunity for businesses to obtain real-time business intelligence and business insight that they could never reach in the past from their typical internal systems.


A big data analytics engine can mine social media, the press, email, blogs, videos, and a variety of other data sources to determine what customers are thinking, to plan new products, to find the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, to monitor fraud and cyber-attacks, and for many other purposes.


Shadowbase replication capabilities can play a significant role in delivering inputs and outputs to key processes for analyzing big data. Wherever there is a need to transfer data from a source to a target, regardless of the nature of those devices, Shadowbase software solutions can be placed into service to get the job done efficiently and reliably.

adobe-iconCrunching Big Data

Real-world Shadowbase Big Data Use Cases