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Application Integration

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Easily Modernize and Expose Valuable Enscribe Data – Eliminate Data Silos

The Connection, by by Keith B. Evans and Paul J. Holenstein
This article/case study explains that a large European manufacturer runs its online shop floor operations on an HPE NonStop Server using an Enscribe database, and how it deployed an HPE Shadowbase data integration solution to...

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Two Merged Retailers Integrate HPE NonStop SQL and Oracle RAC

The Connection, by Paul J. Holenstein
After a merger, a major U.S. retailer had thousands of stores using two different point-of-sale (POS) systems. The retailer wanted to integrate the POS processing for its...


Winning the Battle Against Internet Banking Fraud by Leveraging Real-Time Data and Application Integration

The Connection, by Keith B. Evans
A European bank needed to design and implement its Internet banking application in a very specific way...