HPE Shadowbase Advanced Replication Products

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HPE and Gravic, Inc. are strategic partners and offer Shadowbase sales and support globally, directly through the HPE organization. HPE licenses, services, and supports our leading-edge Shadowbase Product Suite for HPE NonStop and Other Servers. Our solutions complement existing HPE solutions, including HPE NonStop RDF (now in “Mature’ status), HPE NonStop AutoTMF, and HPE NonStop AutoSync. By providing a single point of purchase and support for these advanced replication products, HPE and Gravic are improving the overall customer experience. Our customers will benefit from the global reach, industry expertise, and 24×7 support available from HPE, while HPE customers benefit from the wide range of unique features available with Shadowbase software. The product suite is sold by HPE under the name, HPE Shadowbase.

HPE Shadowbase software is the preferred product for customers who need these advanced capabilities:

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