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Research and Theoretical Topics

    A Modern Look at Reliability, Availability, and Scalability

    The Connection, by Dr. Bruce Holenstein, Paul J. Holenstein, and Dr. Bill Highleyman
    Computer manufacturers often stress performance and availability in their marketing literature. Yet, reliability (R), availability (A), and scalability (S) are the three pillars that support mission-critical applications and...

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      Improving Availability via Staggered Systems

      The Connection, by Dr. Bruce D. Holenstein, Dr. Bill Highleyman, and Paul J. Holenstein
      The reliability of a redundant system is optimized by minimizing the probability that both systems will fail simultaneously. If they both have the same failure probability distribution, then when one system is most...

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        Improving Reliability via Redundant Processing

        The Connection, by Dr. Bruce D. Holenstein, Dr. Bill Highleyman, and Paul J. Holenstein
        One of the three pillars of mission-critical systems is data reliability – a significant concern in data centers worldwide. Data reliability can be ensured via a special configuration that compares the operation of one...

          Scale-up is Dead, Long Live Scale-out!

          The Connection, by Keith B. Evans and Paul J. Holenstein
          Keeping up with user demand is a significant challenge for IT departments. The traditional scale-up approach suffers from significant limitations and cost issues that prevent it from satisfying the ever-increasing workloads of a 24x7 online society. The use of massively...

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          The Evolution of Real-Time Business Intelligence and How to Achieve It Using HPE Shadowbase Software

          The speed of today’s processing systems has moved classical data warehousing into the realm of real-time. The result is real-time business intelligence (RTBI). Business transactions are fed as they occur to a real-time business intelligence system that maintains the current state...