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Data Transformation Solutions

Shadowbase software can transform the data between source and target database formats either automatically or via Shadowbase User Exit customizations. Data may be aggregated, disaggregated, and/or transformed.

Database Specification (DBS) Mapping

A scripting “language” for target-side other-server platforms that can drop all or specific events for a target table, convert updates to inserts, drop column(s), concatenate (text) columns, and convert or replace formats and characters.

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Shadowbase Map (SBMAP)

A powerful, sophisticated, and extensible scripting “language” that can be used to inform Shadowbase software how to transform source data into target data formats.

Shadowbase Data Definition Language Utility (SBDDLUTL)

A database schema conversion tool which converts an HPE NonStop Enscribe record definition (which is naturally hierarchical) into a SQL schema definition (which is naturally a ‘flattened’ structure).

Shadowbase User Exits

Users have the option to write a Shadowbase User Exit for extending Shadowbase replication to perform additional processing with either scripting or via embedding custom code. These user exits allow Shadowbase software to handle any data manipulation, filtering, or cleansing required.

Shadowbase User Exits

  • Transformation and Mapping Facility
    • ASCII text file of Transformation Commands; read at start-up
  • User Exits C/C++, COBOL, or TAL APIs
    • Non-native and native code supported
    • Data scrubbing and cleansing
    • Field splits and merges
    • Aggregation and summation
    • Integrate data from other databases
    • Any target environment with an API that Shadowbase User Exits can access
    • Sophisticated data selection, filtering, and transformation

Note: Shadowbase replication can feed data directly into a target database/environment via an API (e.g., MQ Series, Java Messaging Services, ODBC, etc.)

Limitless Transformation Options

There are a number of Shadowbase parameter settings that assist with data transformation, such as converting non-printable binary data in a character field to spaces. However, these settings work on the data record at an aggregate level, and not at a field level.

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