May 14, 2024 — Gravic Presents on HPE Shadowbase Digital Resilience at MATUG (Mid-Atlantic Tandem User Group)

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MATUG Meeting 2024The MATUG meeting went smoothly at the HPE office in the Reston Town Center, Virginia. The day began and ended with two interesting HPE presentations: John Vollers presented HPE Strategy and NonStop Roadmap, and John Zimsky presented Deploying REST Applications to NonStop.

John Vollers of HPE presenting at MATUG 2024John Zimsky of HPE presenting at MATUG 2024
Paul Holenstein, Gravic EVP, presenting at MATUG 2024

Seven other informative vendor presentations were given. We presented HPE Shadowbase Solutions: Maximize NonStop Digital Resilience with Data Replication, Integration, and Validation.

It was a meaningful event, with a lot of camaraderie and networking, and we are hopeful to see more customers attend next year. Thanks to John Vollers, Paden Holenstein, Paul Holenstein, and Susan Pridham for helping plan the event.  We hope to see you next year!