May 2, 2024 — N2TUG: Focus on HPE Shadowbase Digital Resilience & Ransomware Recovery

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Our N2TUG Focus: HPE Shadowbase Digital Resilience and Ransomware Data Recovery 

Gravic attended N2TUG held at the Hurst Conference Center in Hurst, Texas.  It was a full day of networking and presentations, followed by a cocktail gathering that allowed for more one-on-one and small group networking. Karen Ramirez (HPE Director of NonStop North America Sales) presented a NonStop Business Update and Richard Conine (HPE Solutions Architect) presented on Digital Resilience. Diane Funkhouser discussed Camp Esperanza and the upcoming Tandem Golden Anniversary Celebration.

Later in the day, Paden Holenstein of Gravic presented on HPE Shadowbase Solutions and Data Recovery for Cybersecurity. Increasing Ransomware attacks and new regulations like DORA are driving the need for stronger HPE NonStop Digital Resilience. HPE Shadowbase Data Recovery solutions and Ransomware recovery requirements like air-gapped systems, Bare-metal Recovery, and Data Validation to enable rapid Data Recovery with transactional consistency to a trusted state were discussed. The HPE Shadowbase Roadmap and exciting innovations such as Zero Data Loss and Heterogeneous Compare were also reviewed.

Paden Holenstein and Eugene Stevens presenting a customer use case

Paden Holenstein and Eugene Stevens presenting a HPE Shadowbase ZDM use case.

Special Thanks

We give a special thanks to Eugene Stevens, (Nonstop Professional Services Specialist at Odyssey Information Services), for presenting a customer use case on HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration!

We thank Bill Honaker of XID Software for organizing and planning the day’s schedule.  N2TUG was a successful event with a lively crowd and good humor and engagement, including meaningful interaction with NonStop customers.