April 8-10, 2024 — eGTUG: Focus on HPE NonStop Digital Resilience & Ransomware Recovery

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Digital Resilience and Ransomware Recovery a Highlight at eGTUG

Digital Resilience and Ransomware were a major focus at this year’s premier European NonStop event, eGTUG 2024, held in April in Berlin. There was a lot of energy at the conference with nearly 200 customers, partners, and HPE team members coming together to get the latest information on the NonStop platform and to learn about new developments in a wide range of solution areas. HPE NonStop EMEA General Manager, Neil Davis, had nearly his entire team there to share knowledge, assist customers, and work with solution partners. Adding to the excitement and interest, the HPE NonStop leadership team showed up in force (including Casey Taylor, Ian Inglis, Arun Fernandes, Arun Kumar, Franz Koenig, and Prashanth Kamath) and was deeply engaged at all levels throughout the conference.

As mentioned, Digital Resilience was on everyone’s mind. New regulations, like DORA in the EU, and increasing threats from Ransomware and other types of cyber-attacks are driving NonStop customer interest in this new solution area. Graham Rogers, HPE NonStop Solution Architect, led a standing-room only session describing the HPE Digital Resilience Framework (which is based on NIST) and the DORA regulation. In the next session, Prashanth Kamath, HPE NonStop Senior Worldwide Product Manager, went deeper and described how HPE enables customers to implement an effective Digital Resiliency solution for their HPE NonStop environment and comply with regulations, such as DORA. Later sessions from HPE partners Gravic, XYPRO, ETI-NET, and 4Tech each delved deeper into specific areas of the framework where their respective solutions fit.

HPE Shadowbase Digital Resilience and Ransomware Recovery

Ken Scudder presenting on HPE Shadowbase Digital Resilience at eGTUG

Ken Scudder, Gravic VP of Global Sales and Business Development, presenting on HPE Shadowbase Digital Resilience and Data Recovery at eGTUG

HPE Shadowbase solutions are data-centric so, naturally, data protection and Ransomware data recovery was the focus of the Gravic session on Digital Resilience, presented by Ken Scudder, VP Global Sales and Business Development. Gravic discussed new high availability concepts and emerging resilient recovery architectures. We discussed how HPE Shadowbase software supports Ransomware recovery requirements like air-gapped systems, bare-metal recovery, and data validation to enable rapid data recovery with transactional consistency to a trusted state. It was a great session with a lot of interaction with customers, HPE technologists, and other partners.


HPE Shadowbase: New Innovation and Recent Customer Projects

Of course, HPE Shadowbase solutions cover more than Digital Resilience, and Gravic joined with partners TCM Solutions and CSX Software to discuss innovation and recent projects in data replication, data integration, and data validation. Rick Stather, TCM Solutions Senior Consultant, reviewed a recent project at a European bank, which upgraded from RDF to HPE Shadowbase data replication and achieved a 75% reduction in failover recovery time for its BASE24™ payments environment. Anke Mailaender, CSX Software’s Head of NonStop Services, described an ongoing, large data migration project using HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration at a major European transportation industry customer. Both Rick and Anke shared firsthand insights and knowledge on how HPE Shadowbase software is helping customers achieve success. Gravic also presented on exciting new HPE Shadowbase product innovation, including: Zero Data Loss synchronous replication, high-speed Cloud Integration, and heterogeneous database comparisons.

All in all, eGTUG 2024 was a resounding success. The eGTUG team, led by Werner Alexi, hosted a well-run, first-class event with an exciting, content-rich agenda. And, of course, Berlin is an incredible city, and the weather was absolutely perfect for everyone to sightsee and enjoy the springtime environment. Thank you and well done to everyone!