May 16, 2024 — Gravic Presents on HPE Shadowbase Resiliencia Digital para Sistemas HPE NonStop at MexTUG (Mexico Tandem User Group)

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Registration & Welcome

Paden, Neil, & Mercedes at MexTUG

Neil Davis, Paden Holenstein, & Mercedes Fabila

MexTUG 2024 was held at the Sofitel Hotel in Mexico City and was a blast for everyone who attended. Similar to last year, presentations started later than planned because everyone was very much enjoying reconnecting. Speakers presented before a lively, yet respectful crowd. All presentations were in Spanish – except for a few of us – sorry :).


Even across cultures, everyone was able to share some laughs during the sessions:

Beer Bust

The Beer Bust afterward did not disappoint. Dozens of different conversations occurred amid an incredible view and a beautiful sunset. As attendees slowly left, others brought a few friends to the area, and we all enjoyed chatting. For a work night, the Beer Bust died down relatively late, which was a testament to the friendliness and value of the conversations folks experienced at the show.

Thank You’s

Special thanks to Edgar Rubén Veloz Espitia, Gabriel Alvarez, Fabian Manfredi, and Neil Davis, the customers for attending, and the vendors for sponsoring.