2019 Q3

September 9, 2019 — Gravic Publishes New HPE Shadowbase White Paper on SOLV Product Suite — Online Database Loading, Copying, Synchronizing, and Unloading

Stock photo of two fingers on a puzzle piece being placed into a slotGravic recently published the white paper, HPE Shadowbase SOLV Product Suite — Online Database Loading, Copying, Synchronizing, and Unloading. SOLV loading utilizes special patented features that allow it to properly merge the data being loaded with the data being replicated. However, note that SOLV loading can also occur without HPE Shadowbase replication being active/in-use. In this case, SOLV acts like a stand-alone data transformation utility, reading and converting the source data format into the target data format, and applying that information into the target environment. The SOLV utility can load audited and non-audited HPE NonStop Enscribe source files and HPE NonStop SQL tables into any target environment and database combination supported by the Shadowbase line of data replication products (e.g., HPE NonStop Enscribe or SQL targets, or other server targets such as Oracle, SQL Server, IBM Db2®, SAP HANA, SAP Sybase, and MySQL).

July 16 & 18, 2019 — Gravic Presents at HPE NonStop Innovation Summit (KNUG) and HPE NonStop & MCS Technology Day (TNUG)

Seoul, South KoreaSeoul innovation day 2019 Gravic boothThis past week, Paul and Paden Holenstein attended the HPE NonStop Innovation Summit 2019 in Seoul and the HPE NonStop & MCS Technology Day in Taipei. They flew into Incheon International airport, took a shuttle to the Conrad Seoul, arriving late at night. They enjoyed a smorgasbord of food at the hotel breakfast buffet and met with some of the other vendors enjoying the fare. At the customer event, they listened to various talks by HPE employees: HPE IT Use of NonStop by Franz Koenig, HPE NonStop APAC Business Update by Gelin Cheng, NonStop Portfolio & Software Update by Anthony Ho, and Japan Database & Stratus Migration Best Practices by Satoko Hirano. Tuesday night, Gelin took Paul and Paden along with the other vendors on a river walk along the Han river in downtown Seoul, where they unwound and gained insight into each other's lives. Jiufen, TaiwanWednesday, they drank some delicious iced black bubble tea in the Incheon airport, then flew to Taipei, and immediately noticed an increase in temperature and humidity upon disembarking. Later that evening, they toured Jiufen enjoying the breathtaking views, sampled hot tea in a local tea shop courtesy of our HPE Japan colleagues, and subsequently made a few purchases from street vendors. Friday, they listened to various talks by HPE, including Modernization of Mission Critical Systems by Franz Koenig, The Constant Innovation of Mission Critical Solutions by Suresh Menon, and Memory-Driven Computing: Taking The Machine from Hewlett Packard Labs to the Enterprise by Jason Shao. HPE NS Innovation Summit 2019 SeoulAt both of these events, they presented HPE Shadowbase Enterprise Use Case Solutions and Product Update. Paul and Paden greatly enjoyed this experience with colleagues from HPE, customers, regional resellers, and vendors.  We want to thank the local HPE teams and the team from Singapore for their camaraderie and terrific relationship-building meals at the end of each event.

July 12, 2019 — Gravic Releases New Shadowbase Overview Video

Shadowbase Video ThumbnailPlease enjoy our newly released Shadowbase Overview Video, which is also available with Korean and Chinese Simplified subtitles. We hope that you find it interesting and informative, and will share it with your colleagues!

2019 Q2

June 1, 2019 – Gravic Publishes New Ad on HPE Shadowbase Compare and Repair

Sometimes things just don't add up. Use HPE Shadowbase Compare and HPE Shadowbase Repair to make sense of your data.

  Adobe PDF icon HPE Shadowbase Compare and Repair

June 27, 2019 — HPE Shadowbase Team Presents at N2TUG Meeting

This past week, Paul and Paden Holenstein attended the N2TUG Meeting in Dallas.  Thanks to American’s booking policies, both the to and from flights were oversold, and there was nary a seat left unoccupied.  Sound familiar?   Gaylord Texan entranceFortunately, the N2TUG venue at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas is close to the airport, rather large, and not filled to capacity.  It is a terrific hosting location for the event, which was well-attended (about 75 attendees in total) with extensive representation by HPE and ISV partners, along with respectable representation by the user community.   N2TUG 2019 meeting stageDiane Funkhouser (HPE Liaison to N2TUG) and Bill Honaker (N2TUG President) kicked off the event, welcoming everyone. Then, Ken Goldman (Director, HPE NonStop Sales for North America) gave us an overview of HPE sales and strategy for the first half of the year.  We are proud to say that HPE Shadowbase has had its share of accelerating sales for the period, through the hard work of the HPE community, culminating in our winning the HPE Momentum Partner of the Year Award at the recent HPE Discover show in Las Vegas (contact Gravic for more information).   Gaylord Texan train displayMeg Watson (Master Software Engineer) of HPE's Advanced Technology Center (ATC), offered insight into powerful ways of leveraging Devops environments on the NonStop. N2TUG 2019 Shadowbase prize winnerLater, Justin Simonds presented an interesting research presentation on the history of artificial intelligence, and the vendors presented on their wares and new features.   Paden and Paul Holenstein tag-teamed the HPE Shadowbase Use Cases presentation, with Paden describing the use cases and Paul adding details for our exciting new and upcoming future features. We are happy to share this with whomever may have missed it, please contact us. After the meeting, we all retired to the San Antonio terrace for libations and refreshments. We would like to thank Bill and Diane for their extensive work on this event. A good time was had by all! Congratulations to Koteswara Silla of JCPenney for winning our Beats earbud headphones prize.

June 17-19, 2019 — HPE Shadowbase Team Presents at HPE Discover Las Vegas

Paul J. Holenstein MASEGravic wins HPE Momentum AwardThis past week, Gravic's HPE Shadowbase team attended HPE Discover at the Venetian/Palazzo and the Sands Expo in Las Vegas. Gravic was awarded the HPE Momentum Technology Partner of the Year 2019 Award and Paul J. Holenstein was interviewed about the award. He was also recognized (pictured) for his HPE MASE (Master Accredited Solution Expert) status. During the keynote, Antonio Neri, HPE President and CEO, discussed how HPE and its customers are advancing the way people live and work. Neri emphasized, "...we address the three fundamental areas that are holding you back and slowing you down, the transformation of your technology, the transformation of your people and processes, and the transformation of your economics." Antonio Neri SpeakingOn Wednesday, Holenstein presented a customer case study, "Unleash the Value of Your Trapped Data with HPE Shadowbase," illustrating the power of an HPE Shadowbase application capacity expansion architecture for a manufacturing plant's shop floor control application. We thank HPE for putting together such a large and successful show, and hope to see our colleagues at this show next year.

June 17, 2019 — Gravic Wins HPE’s Momentum Technology Partner of the Year 2019 Award!

Momentum awardAt the annual HPE Global Partner Summit 2019 in Las Vegas, Gravic, Inc. graciously accepted the Momentum Technology Partner of the Year 2019 Award from Hewlett Packard Enterprise during the Alliances Reception and Awards Ceremony. The HPE Global Solutions Awards recognize HPE Partners for their outstanding performance and accomplishments in driving meaningful business results for shared customers. All of the winning HPE Partner Ready partners were recognized from across the partner ecosystem for outstanding performance, collaboration and accomplishments that raise the standard for business excellence and customer satisfaction. (Pictured left to right: Paul J. Holenstein (Gravic), and Gary O'Neal (HPE).) “It’s an honor to award partners who have excelled in developing their partnerships with HPE and grown mutual business opportunities with collaborative solutions for our joint customers,” said Paul Hunter, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Partner Sales, HPE. “HPE is committed to innovating new solutions and enabling mutual growth together with our partners, and our awards recognize the partnerships, collaborations and successes of our top performing partners.” After accepting the award on behalf of Gravic, Paul J. Holenstein, Executive Vice President, said, “We are very humbled by this award and want to thank HPE and its product management team, especially Mark Pollans, WW Sr. Product Manager, for working so closely and effectively with us on HPE Shadowbase. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved together this year, and look forward to many business opportunities with HPE in the future.” Afterwards, Paul Holenstein was interviewed on the Gravic and HPE partnership. Read the press release

June 5-6, 2019 — HPE Shadowbase Team Presents at HPE NonStop Customer Event in Santiago, Chile

This past week, we participated in the HPE NonStop Customer Event held in Santiago, Chile. On Wednesday, attendees enjoyed an official welcoming by Orlando Riquelme and various presentations, including two given by Alfredo Villarroel: NonStop Present and Future and HPE Shadowbase Use Case Solutions and Product Updates. On Thursday, attendees viewed a short NonStop video and other various vendor presentations, and participated in a closing cocktail reception at the Sky Costanera.

May 30, 2019 — Gravic Publishes Article on Reliability, Availability, and Scalability

Gravic recently published the article, A Modern Look at Reliability, Availability, and Scalability, in the May/June issue of The Connection. Availability and reliability are complimentary measures, and they each deserve equal consideration for mission-critical applications. Enterprises want both 100% availability and 100% reliability but can never achieve 100% for either. Availability is the proportion of time that an application or system is running and properly operating, and is measured in “9’s.” This article explores data integrity as a measurement of reliability, what affects data integrity, and what level of data integrity is needed. In short, businesses with mission-critical applications must seek to drive their Recovery Point Objective (RPO), Recovery Time Objective (RTO), Integrity Point Objective (IPO), and Integrity Time Objective (ITO) all to zero. Next, this series will explore ways to improve reliability, measure IPO and ITO, and explore several new architectures that will yield superior results for mission-critical systems.

May 30, 2019 — Gravic Publishes Article: From Hacker to Hackathon — History in the Making!

Gravic recently published the article, From Hacker to Hackathon – History in the Making! in the May/June issue of The Connection. The article includes highlights from planning, scheduling, coordinating, and hosting our first-ever hackathon, which has now become a highly anticipated annual event. Our employees enjoyed a tremendous team-building experience, were exposed to new ways to solve problems, and learned some exciting concepts. This article also reviews the history of hacking, hacker culture, and how other companies could hold their own hackathons. We would like to thank Gravic’s Learning and Development Committee for organizing this event!

May 13-15, 2019 — HPE Shadowbase Team Presents at the First ETBC: European Technical Boot Camp

This past week at the ETBC, we participated in a Partner Technical Update and also presented a new case study, Using Data Replication to Offload Online Host Processing and Enable New Business Applications. Attendees enjoyed our other presentation, HPE Shadowbase Product Update and Enterprise Use Cases. During this event, we reconvened with customers and HPE personnel and learned about the growing HPE NonStop opportunities in the European market. We toured historical Edinburgh, including the castle with its medieval style and grey stone architecture. We dined at some nice local restaurants, while sampling Scottish spirits on a whiskey tasting tour.  We would like to thank the local HPE team for meeting with us, along with Collin Yates from TCM and the eBITUG committee, for their hard work in organizing this successful event.

April 29 - May 2, 2019 — Gravic Presents at NYTUG, SCNUG, and LATUG Meetings

At the NYTUG Meeting, Paul  Holenstein and Gary Strickler visited the HPE office in Berkeley Heights, NJ. Gary enjoyed reconnecting with old faces, while Paul enjoyed chatting with our HPE colleagues and customers.  Several of the presentations were particularly appropriate.  For example, Paul Densinger discussed how to effectively modernize data and “open it” by migrating it from Enscribe into a relational SQL target (e.g., SQL/MX), which is a hot topic for HPE Shadowbase software. Our presentation touched upon this topic, showcasing a new HPE Shadowbase customer’s use case. Congratulations to Andy Burdulis from Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, who won our Beats earphones gift.

Prior to the SCNUG Meeting, Paden Holenstein arrived in Los Angeles, and took a brief tour of The Getty Center, stopped at an excellent restaurant, Ozzie’s, in Commerce, and explored the nearby area. He attended SCNUG in Orange County, and listened to a variety of topics ranging from HPE NonStop to testing to security. Attendees shared ideas and challenged each other with questions (in good faith) and later enjoyed a cocktail reception at Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que. Special thanks to Mirko Buzolitch for the ride back to the airport, where planes from LAX flew no more than fifty feet overhead, a startling experience!

Since we were unable to attend the LATUG Meeting in Bogota, Colombia, Alfredo Villarroel, an HPE Mission Critical Business Manager, presented HPE Shadowbase use cases and a brief product update on our behalf. We greatly appreciate Alfredo delivering our presentation, and in Spanish. He has many connections in South America and attends numerous shows. We look forward to seeing him at the HPE NonStop Customer Event in Chile in a few weeks!

Gravic Celebrates its 40th Anniversary!

In 2019, our 40th year of business, we take time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Over the past forty years, we overcame economic cycles, Section 1702 and the inception of GDPR and other regulation changes, and the rise and fall of IT analyst fads as opportunities. Some may ask: how do we measure our success? We measure it in how we strive toward our core purpose of Improving Society Through Innovation. Our Gravic and HPE Shadowbase software protect numerous industry-leading and household-name companies' datacenters from disasters that could place unprotected businesses into bankruptcy. Our core values permeate all of our actions both internally and externally. We strive to be humble, and temper our successes with the belief that we can do even better. We hosted a 40th celebration event at the American Helicopter Museum, and were happy to have our good friends and colleagues, Dr. Werner Alexi, Dr. Bill Highleyman and his spouse Janice, and Bill Knapp join us. Here's to the next forty years!

2019 Q1

March 1, 2019 – Gravic Publishes New Ad on HPE Shadowbase Data and Application Integration

IT Systems Come in Many Colors. HPE Shadowbase Data and Application Integration Adapts to them All! Adobe PDF icon HPE Shadowbase Data and Application Integration

March 18, 2019 — Gravic Publishes Article: Using Data Replication to Offload Online Host Processing and Enable New Business Applications

Gravic recently published an article in the Spring issue of Connect Converge: Using Data Replication to Offload Online Host Processing and Enable New Business Applications. The current data in online transaction processing systems is some of the most valuable. If this data is trapped in that system, and not available to enable other real-time business intelligence processes, then its full value is not being exploited, and competitive opportunities are missed. To avoid these missed opportunities, companies need to access their online data in real-time – as the online system is processing transactions – which can significantly impact the throughput and response times of that system. This article discusses such a situation, and the clever way it was resolved using data replication. It only scratches the surface of data replication’s potential, which can:

  • Integrate disparate applications, such as an online production shop floor application with a reporting application
  • Eliminate data silos and enables the creation of new business processes
  • Distribute data wherever it is needed with low overhead while it transforms and cleanses that data
  • Distribute data where it can easily be consumed by other applications (typically without requiring any application changes)
Data replication is not only for providing backups for business continuity, but also for moving data in real-time to leverage its value wherever needed. Think about where you have valuable, yet isolated, data. How would you use data replication to unlock this value for competitive advantage and to build new solutions for your business? To speak with us about your data replication and data integration needs, please contact us.

March 1, 2019 — HPE Shadowbase Team Presents at SunTUG

At this event in Tampa, we enjoyed talking with the local HPE NonStop users, presenting HPE Shadowbase Use Cases, meeting with HPE personnel, and learning what updates the other vendors are talking about. Karen Copeland opened the show with HPE NonStop Strategy and the Migration to x86. Each vendor ran out of give-a-ways in the first two hours of the show due to the high number of attendees! Special thanks to Pat Hill and Teri Sears for coordinating the event. We also wanted to wish a “Happy Birthday” to Theresa Norton and Mark Flanigan of HPE! Congratulations to Mauricio Bermudez of Chase Paymentech for winning our Beats earbud headphones prize.

February 24-26, 2019 — HPE Shadowbase Team Presents at Asia Pacific Mission Critical Solutions (MCS) 2019

During this event in Thailand, we enjoyed meeting with local HPE MCS personnel, HPE corporate, and several customers in the region. We presented HPE Shadowbase Data Replication Solutions to Solve Business Challenges and HPE Shadowbase Enterprise Use Cases and Product Update to attendees, reviewing our latest feature and solution enhancements, along with discussing our future product direction. We toured local Bangkok, and are always thankful to interact at a more in-depth level.

2018 Q4

December 4 & 6, 2018 — HPE Shadowbase Team Presents at BELUG and INNIG

During these European events, we enjoyed meeting with the customer base at the local HPE offices, and reviewing our latest feature and solution enhancements, along with discussing our future product direction. In particular, we discussed how best to manage the replacement of RDF (now in the ‘Mature’ product state) with HPE Shadowbase, and presented examples of how to do this using the low-risk HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) approach. We enjoyed connecting with everyone on a more personal level, along with sharing our various experiences and challenges. We appreciate the interest and feedback we received on our presentation, HPE Shadowbase Use Cases and Product Update. We hope the attendees enjoy their new Shadowbase socks! Special thanks to Ad Klijn, Bart Wever, and Ton Vrowe for coordinating the meetings, and for their hospitality while on site.

December 4, 2018 — HPE Shadowbase Team Presents at MATUG

We recently attended and presented on HPE Shadowbase at MATUG (Baltimore, MD). We reminded the audience that since HPE NonStop RDF is now in 'Mature' status, we want customers to consider migrating to HPE Shadowbase as their go-forward solution for the additional features it offers. We also recapped some slides from the TBC (Connect Technical Boot Camp) regarding the announcement of end-of-sales for specific J-series hardware platforms, and that HPE Shadowbase provides Zero Downtime Migration capabilities to assist customers to migrate to NonStop X with no risk and little to no application downtime (contact us for more information). We are grateful to John Vollers and Pat Boland for helping us plan and manage the MATUG show. We would also like to thank the other vendors that supported, attended, and presented at the show, along with the consultants and customers that attended. Congratulations to Andrew Kim of Navy Federal Credit Union for winning our Beats earphones prize!

November 11-14, 2018 — HPE Shadowbase Team Presents at the Connect NonStop Technical Boot Camp

Gravic personnel greatly enjoyed the 2018 Connect HPE NonStop TBC held at the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame. During our time in California, the camp fire smoke caused dark red sunrises. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy. To kick off the conference, we celebrated Connect's 10-year anniversary. Our thoughts We listened to informative talks from other vendors, customers, and experienced NonStop users, and shared ideas regarding how the HPE Shadowbase product suite can provide solutions to users’ most pressing business issues for business continuity, data integration and synchronization, and application integration purposes. We thank Connect and the HPE staff for hosting a terrific gathering. We delivered several presentations:

If you are interested in discussing our presentations’ content or would like us to present these or other HPE Shadowbase topics to your staff, please contact us.

November 11, 2018 — David Jones and Chris Lowry Added to HPE Shadowbase Hall of Fame

At the annual Partner Technical Update, Paul Holenstein announced that HPE solution architects, David Jones and Chris Lowry, are the recipients of the HPE Shadowbase Hall of Fame award.  Each were vital this past year in their role of implementing HPE Shadowbase at two customer sites: ArcelorMittal and ATI Metals.

October 25-27, 2018 — Gravic Presents at Two HPE Events in Thailand

Bill Holenstein, Senior Manager of Product Delivery, presented on HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migrations & Upgrades Overview at the Thailand NonStop Connect 2018 event held at the ATTA Lake Resort in Khao Yai, two hours north of Bangkok.  Prior to this event, Bill presented on HPE Shadowbase Use Case Solutions & Product Update at the Thailand NonStop Partner Conference at the HPE Headquarters in Bangkok.

October 4, 2018 — Shadowbase Team Presents at MexTUG

We recently attended and presented on HPE Shadowbase Use Cases and Product Update at MexTUG (Mexico City). We enjoyed our stay at the Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel (which, by the way, has an impressive exercise facility and rooftop pool) by the Paseo de la Reforma. We visited some local sights, experienced the culture, and purchased a few Mexico national soccer team jerseys. At MexTUG, we attended several interesting talks, covering the inception of Hewlett Packard to modern day NonStop. We also met with HPE and toured the Santa Fe office, reviewed local sales and regional business development strategies, and ended the trip with a visit to Pinche Gringo to sample some delicious BBQ. We greatly appreciated the opportunity to learn from and interact with our NonStop peers on a more in-depth level. Additionally, we thank the MexTUG board and all of the participants including customers, vendors, consultants, and HPE executives and technical staff for their support. Congratulations to Ulises Castañeda of HPE for winning our Beats earphones prize. Viva Mexico!

October 2, 2018 — Gravic Publishes New Technical Article on Switching Replication Engines with Zero Downtime — Part 3

Stock photo of two switches, one is switched "on" and the other is "off"Gravic recently published the third and final part of the article series, Switching Replication Engines with Zero Downtime. When it is necessary to change or upgrade to a new data replication engine version, a zero downtime migration imposes no downtime on applications or users, and the databases all remain consistent, complete, and up-to-date during the process. This migration technique is similar to the HPE Shadowbase Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) technique used to upgrade applications, database schema formats, file and table locations (or indices), and operating systems. The ZDM technique results in greatly reduced risks for error, staff stress levels, and migration costs while still providing continuous availability.   This article discusses various methods used to switch replication engines without missing or re-replicating any data (solving the so-called jagged edge problem). For reference, the Version Independence approach discussed in Part 1 avoids interoperating between different software versions; Part 2 discusses an improved method that utilizes three nodes for partial hardware migrations or utilizes four nodes for a full hardware refresh, as well as bi-directional environments that keep all (new and old) nodes synchronized as the migration takes place.