December 14, 2023 — Gravic Publishes New HPE Shadowbase Web Page on Digital Resilience and Data Recovery Solutions

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Please check out our new web page on HPE Shadowbase Digital Resilience and Data Recovery Solutions and learn how to recover critical applications and data after a Malware or Ransomware attack.

Today, the post-attack reactive goal is Detection and Recovery, which is different from the ultimate future goal of pre-attack proactive Identification and Prevention. Malware and Ransomware recovery architectures require an innovative approach with distinct personnel, processes, procedures, hardware, software, and infrastructure from existing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity architectures.

HPE Shadowbase software replicates data into immutable storage and quickly recovers applications on an air-gapped, isolated, and therefore, fully protected system. Gravic has actually been providing Digital Resilience solutions for 40+ years. Please contact us for more information.