June 8-15, 2023 — HPE Presents on HPE Shadowbase Solutions at the HPE NonStop Asia Pacific Roadshow (Thailand, Taiwan, and South Korea)

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Recently, there have been a ton of HPE NonStop User Group meetings (“TUGs”) in the United States and around the world. While we wish we could be in multiple different places at the same time, unfortunately, we were unable to attend the HPE NonStop Asia Pacific Roadshow this summer. However, Anthony Ho, Master Technologist and Peter Ow, Solution Architect at HPE, attended and presented on our behalf.

AP Roadshow Taiwan

HPE NonStop & MCS Technology Day in Taipei, Taiwan

Bangkok, Thailand

Payment solutions were the theme at the Bangkok event. ACI and many others attended. Peter presented ZERO DOWNTIME Migration with HPE Shadowbase which included a Use Case involving a California Credit Union.

Taipei, Taiwan

HPE NonStop and Superdome x86 was the theme at the HPE NonStop & MCS Technology Day in Taipei. Anthony highlighted how HPE Shadowbase software provides the three pillars of Data Replication, Streaming, and Validation on virtualized NonStop servers and HPE GreenLake.

Seoul, South Korea

The HPE NonStop platform took center stage at the HPE NonStop Tech Summit in Seoul, South Korea. Anthony highlighted the three pillars and also briefly introduced a few new Digital Resilience architectures for ransomware defense using HPE Shadowbase software.

We thank Shanice Abigail and others who helped organize these events, Anthony Ho and Peter Ow for presenting on HPE Shadowbase, and, of course, the customers for attending the HPE NonStop Asia Pacific Roadshow, the first regional meeting since COVID!