November 6, 2023 — Gravic Announces Shadowbase for HPE NonStop Version 6.801 (T1122^ABF)

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HPE NonStop Shadowbase Version 6.801 (T1122^ABF) is a full release that includes a large number of new and improved features.

New License File Requirement

For customers upgrading from an older version to HPE Shadowbase Version 6.700 or newer, you will need a new license file because of an internal update to the Shadowbase License format.

Please note: to support interoperability between future versions of Shadowbase software, the message formats were extended with versioning information, which makes this release incompatible with release versions 6.699 or prior releases.  Hence, for environments where Shadowbase software interoperates across NonStop systems, all instances must be upgraded to Version 6.700 or newer at the same time.

Quick Tips for Upgrading

While every project is different and most will require proper planning, procedures, and documentation, the upgrade process typically includes:

  1. Select a time window for performing the upgrade, preferably with little or no activity.
  2. Gracefully shut down the existing replications threads using the AUDCOM SHUTDOWN command.
  3. Restart replication using the new configuration files.
  4. Shadowbase software will resume replication from where it was shut down.

Professional Services are available to help users migrate and upgrade to the newest version.

NS8New Features

Problems Corrected

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