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Replicate and Transform Insurance Claims Data


An insurance company provides claim processing services for its client companies, which then service their insurance policy holders (the end users). As claims are made on an HPE NonStop Server, they entered a claims processing application, then, after end-of-day batch file processing, insurance company employees manually sent pertinent information to an imaging application on a Windows server.

The imaging application created and printed the appropriate letters, which were sent to the customers. Then, a completion notification was sent back to the NonStop claims processing system, notifying it that the forms were generated.


  1. Claim data is processed across multiple databases residing on multiple platforms.
  2. This manual process is error prone, duplicates effort, and is time consuming.
  3. The company wanted a faster and more efficient system that would not only reduce letter production time, but also the number of personnel involved.
  4. It is unable to meet its clients’ needs in terms of checking claim status and verifying claim information in a timely manner through an automated, online process.


Diagram of insurance company users making changes to a claims processing application running on a NonStop SQL server, which sends forms information to an imaging application on a Windows SQL Server. The imaging application sends notification status updates back to the NonStop SQL server, with Shadowbase bi-directional replication keeping both databases synchronized. A GUI was developed to enable the end users to access an online portal which sinds and receives updates to the imaging application on the Windows SQL server.

Figure 1 — HPE Shadowbase Bi-directional Data Replication Architecture


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