Paper Manufacturer Offloads Querying and Reporting to Commodity Servers

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A paper manufacturer runs complex plant analysis and data queries on an HPE NonStop Server.


The manufacturer needed to offload some of these applications from the HPE NonStop Server to a Windows SQL Server in order to distribute these analytical tools and incorporate them into strategic management decisions. The manufacturer could not take its operations or its HPE NonStop offline while doing so.


application integration

Figure 1 — Shadowbase for Heterogeneous Data and Application Integration

In Figure 1, certain applications feed plant operational data to a NonStop Server.  Optimized for fast transactional activity, the NonStop processes this data, and Shadowbase software reads these changes from the TMF Audit Trail, transforming them in-flight and applying them into the Windows SQL Server in real-time for the new reporting applications.

Why not Eliminate the HPE NonStop Server?

Certain application functions dealing with processing the incoming data feed must remain on the NonStop Server. NonStop Servers are optimized for fault tolerance with persistent process pairs out-of-the-box, and this particular server is processing the manufacturer’s operational data 24×7.  It is the database of record for the application.


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