Replace Attunity Replicate with HPE Shadowbase Off and/or On-platform Data Integration

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Original Architecture

Original Architecture


A large European steel tube manufacturer runs shop floor control applications on a pair of HPE NonStop systems.

The manufacturer periodically runs reporting applications on remote Linux servers, and these reports remotely access the NonStop Enscribe database to gather key processing activity information.


  1. The remote query tool started to interfere with the NonStop processing and the tool was reaching its End-Of-Service-Life (EOSL).
  2. The report processing needed to heavily transform the non-relational Enscribe database information into a usable format, and also required re-transmission of the data across the network for each report run. In other words, every time the report was requested, the same processing had to occur to the same data over and over and over.
  3. This architecture is sensitive to network activity and load, and produces a lot of CPU overhead, in particular on the production environment.
  4. In addition, the volume of reporting was growing quickly and the manufacturer’s operations relied on this querying and reporting process.
    • If you want to see volumes of reporting grow, show a manager a report that shows important information, and every manager in that department will also want to see the same thing – on demand.
  5. The reporting application used a non-standard interface to the NonStop database. This created a barrier for the customer leveraging some of the more advanced applications for processing and analyzing data.
  6. The application also needed to share the results of this additional processing, the Online Analytical Processing, back with the NonStop environment in order to optimize shop floor control.


  • Use HPE Shadowbase Essentials, in particular, the SBDDLUTL Utility, to map the Enscribe DDL into equivalent target SQL (or HPE NonStop SQL/MP or SQL/MX) schema formats
    • This Utility extracts the DDL definitions from the Enscribe DDL catalog, and generates the SQL CREATE TABLE statements in the target SQL environment’s format.
    • Then, DBAs can simply run the SQL CREATE TABLE statement on the local HPE NonStop server (SQL/MP or SQL/MX), or to a remote “Other Server” (in any supported target SQL format).
  • Use HPE Shadowbase Data Integration to perform an online load of the source data to initially populate the (off or on-platform) target database, without requiring an application outage.
  • Then, use HPE Shadowbase Data Integration to keep the target database synchronized with additional changes from the source by reading the TMF audit trails, and transforming and replicating the changes down into the target SQL database.


  • The (off or on-platform) target database is available to the report programs for querying and reporting.
  • This architecture has effectively removed the querying and reporting workload from the HPE NonStop onto the target system (for the “off-platform” integration architecture, figures 1 and 2)
  • Isolates querying/reporting into off-platform SQL DB (for the “off-platform” integration architecture, figures 1 and 2)
  • Transforms and normalizes data once
  • Separates Enscribe operational database from the SQL (for the “off-platform” integration architecture, figures 1 and 2) or the SQL/MX (for the “on-platform” integration architecture, figures 3 and 4) reporting database
  • Converts Enscribe Files into SQL tables
  • Provides ODBC and JDBC query access
  • Supports new analytical functionality by allowing the new Online Analytical Processing or additional decision support systems to access a standard SQL database

HPE Shadowbase Products of Interest

  • HPE NonStop Shadowbase Basic Data Integration Software (BE443AC/QSA51V6)
  • HPE NonStop Shadowbase Advanced Data Integration (BE444AL/QSA52V6)
  • HPE Shadowbase Basic Application Software 1-8 core or 9+ core (WSA51V6T1/T2)
  • HPE Shadowbase Advanced Application Software LTU 1-8 core or 9+ core (WSA52V6T1/T2)
  • HPE Shadowbase Essential Software Bundle (BE446AC/QSA54V6)

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