HPE Shadowbase Solutions and Pathway Domains—Perfect Together!

It Takes Two to Tango!

In a business continuity environment, it is of no use having data available on alternate or takeover systems if the applications are unavailable.

Shadowbase software for data availability

HPE Shadowbase data replication solutions provide all the capabilities necessary to keep databases replicated and synchronized across multiple systems, whether in a:

Pathway domains for application availability

HPE NonStop Pathway is an application framework that is a mainstay of today’s mission-critical OLTP systems. It supports a requester (client) server model and delivers application scalability and fault tolerance by distributing requester workloads across dynamic pools of application server processes (serverclasses) that in turn, are spread across multiple HPE NonStop Server CPUs.

The introduction of Pathway domains for HPE NonStop Servers helps to ensure that the applications remain available too, even when catastrophic failures take out a system, an entire datacenter, or a geographic region. By configuring applications within a Pathway domain across multiple HPE NonStop nodes, in the event of planned or unplanned outages, user requests are automatically routed to the remaining systems, thereby preserving application availability. In addition, application scalability is increased by automatic workload distribution across those systems.

Best of both worlds

Since Shadowbase replication technology ensures that the data remains available, and Pathway domains ensures that the application remains available, the combination of Shadowbase software and Pathway domains provides a firm basis to achieve increased levels of availability for your business services.

In short, Pathway domains and HPE Shadowbase data replication solutions are perfect together!

Solution Brief:

adobe-iconHPE Shadowbase Solutions and HPE Pathway Domains

White Paper:
adobe-iconHPE Shadowbase Solutions and Pathway Domains—Perfect Together!

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