Dramatically Reduce Outage Costs with Advanced Business Continuity Solutions

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Unplanned Outages

Whether it be fire, power failure, software error, malfeasance, or some other cause, events occur which can lead to unplanned outages of IT services. If your business is relying on an active/passive or an asynchronous data replication solution for business continuity, then it is time to look at whether or not it really provides a sufficient guarantee of protection against the impacts and costs of downtime and data loss.

Better Business Continuity

Chances are that it does not, and you should consider moving to a higher level of business continuity solution – such as sizzling-hot-takeover (SZT) or active/active – which mitigate the issues with active/passive, resulting in much better total cost of ownership (TCO).

Shadowbase Zero Data Loss

For those businesses that cannot tolerate any downtime or data loss, then synchronous replication, HPE Shadowbase ZDL, should be utilized for the highest level of availability with no data collisions and zero data loss.

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