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Zero Data Loss

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Shadowbase Synchronous Replication — Product Overview

Shadowbase synchronous replication (Shadowbase Zero Data Loss, or Shadowbase ZDL) resolves two key issues of asynchronous replication: data loss on source system failure and data collisions when running an active/active environment. By eliminating data loss...


Choosing a Business Continuity Solution to Match Your Business Availability Requirements

Business continuity encompasses those activities that an enterprise performs to maintain consistency and recoverability of its operations and services. The availability of application services provided by an enterprise’s IT infrastructure is only one of many facets of...

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Shadowbase Zero Data Loss (ZDL) Solution Brief

Using unique and patented synchronous replication technology, Shadowbase ZDL ensures that all database changes made on a source system are successfully replicated to the target system before the source application is allowed to commit (make permanent) those changes. If the source system fails...